Newly Discovered Obesity Gene

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Scientists have pinpointed the obesity gene, which can be passed from parent to child. Due to the results, there is a number of people who carry this gene in Europe, which is why childhood obesity and high metabolism has been rising in the past years.

So does, it mean that most children are getting obese due to genetic conduct , or it can be the famous couch potato lifestyles and fatty diets? Medical expects claim that there are a number of genes that can claim and pre dispose a human body to be obese.

The genes that have been found, may seem to be less common but the dangers of obesity are so vast.

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The latest discovered gene, may play a major role in the development of obesity. The scientific team focused on the genes involved in controlling the production of the hormone insulin, which is a hormone that slows down fats in the human body and digestive system.

The researchers who examined some of the patients discovered that the patients had variations in a particular section of DNA which in some way exerts some control over insulin productivity, and the production of an insulin-related growth factor chemical.

Obesity Is On The rise, But It Can be Prevented!

They found children who had inherited one particular variant from their father were far more likely to be obese. The variant is more likely and popular to Europeans and North African People, which is said to be Type 1.

The only way forward for children who happen to have inherited type of gene, is to avoid herding towards the steps of being obese.

It may turn out that scientists will find an easy way of blocking it, so that people who have the fat form of the gene can lose weight more easily. Wouldn't that be a lucky roll of the dice?

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