Cholesterol and Healthy Cholesterol Levels

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Cholesterol isneeded in for the vital functions of the body. Every one of the cells issurrounded by cholesterol and its job is to insulate the nerve fibers. In insulatingthe nerve fibers, cholesterol ensures that the nerve signals are travelingproperly which is extremely important. Also, cholesterol produces hormones whichare used to carry signals around the body.

If you have toomuch cholesterol in the body would increase your chances of heart disease. Ifyou have a high cholesterol level, you should bring it down. Although cholesterolis needed for our bodies to function properly, still it should be controlledproperly.


Cholesterol Level?  What is it?


Finding out if youcholesterol is too high and is affecting you long term heart health is notenough, you need to find our your Lipoprotein levels.  They are molecules whichare especially designed to carry cholesterol around the body. They areimportant because they control exactly how much cholesterol is in your body.Now, there are two main types of Lipoproteins:

- High DensityLipoproteins

- Low DensityLipoproteins

The one which youreally need to be aware of is Low Density Lipoproteins. A high level of LowDensity Lipoproteins means that you have a bad cholesterol that here is toomuch of it to build up. High Density Lipoproteins means good cholesterol thatthey are used to carry cholesterol away from cells and to the liver.

The complicatedthing about cholesterol is the right level you should belong. The doctor hasthe ability to tell you how low your cholesterol levels should be. The averageperson usually should have around 4.0mmol/l but if you have a low densitylipoprotein count, then you should have around 2.0mmol/l.  Each person is differentthough and age is a factor.  The older you are, the more vulnerable you are.


Especially thesedays with fast food and more, cholesterol is important and you should know whatlevels you have for you to know what you can do about it. More and more peopleare developing heart disease due to high levels of cholesterol so it isadvisable to go to your doctors to know your cholesterol level.


There are many waysto improve your cholesterol level. Eat healthy food that can help lower yourLDL cholesterol level. With a healthy diet, your body is protected from thedamaging effect of cholesterol. You could quit smoking, lose the weight andexercise more to raise your HDL cholesterol level.


Following a healthylow fat diet can lower cholesterol levels. If healthy eating and exercisingdon't work after about six months, consult your family doctor of the medicineto lower your cholesterol level.


If you really wantto lower your cholesterol or manage your weight, Proactol™, can help youachieve this more easily. It can help you trim down your dietary fat intake byup to 28%. It is a clinically proven fat binder that helps you to lower yourblood cholesterol level by slowing down your glucose absorption.

Health expertsrecommend people to have healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and abalanced diet. Proactol™ is here to provide you the healthy life you want toachieve a little bit easier.


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