Do We Gain Any Benefits for our Health Through Reverse Osmosis?

by David Karlson - Date: 2008-06-02 - Word Count: 369 Share This!


Do we gain any Benefits for our health through reverse osmosis? It was believed that this method was the best system for home water purification. Recent studies show that this process will remove natural minerals from the water. These minerals naturally occur in the water and are important to our health.

If we are not maintaining our proper health through reverse osmosis then why are we using this system to purify our water? What is the alternative to home reverse osmosis systems? Currently, the most technologically advanced system to purify water is a carbon based filtration system that removes the harmful chemicals but does not remove the minerals that are beneficial to our health.

Unfortunately, home reverse osmosis systems, do not remove these harmful chemicals such as pesticides, farm runoff and other synthetic pollutants. During the industrial age we have seen a huge increase in diseases of the central nervous system and many of these diseases are caused by these very carcinogens that reverse osmosis will not remove from your water system.

Do Home Reverse Osmosis Systems Remove Chlorine?

The answer to this question is no, they do not remove chlorine from the water. Chlorine can cause many health issues. The chlorine molecules are microscopic which is why they pass through into your drinking water. However, if you operate a car washing business then this type of system is ideal for you. Since this system removes minerals, you will find that water spots will not form, thus making the car look cleaner.

The human body consists of seventy percent water. Therefore, it does not make any sense at all to drink water that has all the minerals removed from it. Thus, maintaining our health through reverse osmosis just does not seem possible. In order to provide your family with clean, safe and healthy drinking water you need to get the proper filtration system installed.

The main difference between a reverse osmosis system and carbon filters is the actual method of filtration. The reverse osmosis process removes particles based on their molecular size. This stops the minerals but lets the chemicals flow through. A carbon filter will chemically bonds with the organic and chemical particles and does not allow them to pass through the filter.


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