Why Visit a Boat Show?

by Arthur Hatfield - Date: 2007-01-04 - Word Count: 545 Share This!

Most boaters visit a local show on their off season. For years I have attended The Boston Boat Show where I have learned of the many new and improved products available. The lists are long and include new boat models from the various manufacturers, electronics, navigation and safety gear, trailers, engines, etc. Where else can you go and in just a few hours compare products and get valuable information on the equipment specific to your needs under one roof?

In addition to the above, here are more reasons I attend at least one boat show a year:

Reason 1: Did you know boat dealers are eager to give consumers their rock bottom prices at a boat show? Competition is to the consumers' advantage. So be it true at a Boat Show! With so many dealers in one location, they realize their pencils must be sharp.

Reason 2: It is much easier to compare products when they are basically side by side. You will enjoy being able to walk from one vender to the next, literally comparing products side by side. Checking the cost, size, features and warranties will enable you to find the best fit for your situation.

Reason 3: Bring the whole family to get everyone excited about boating. Kids and spouses love to check out all the cubby holes in the boats. They get ideas on customizing their (your) boat's interior too. Should you be looking to upgrade, manufacturers have boats on display with features appealing to both men and women. Instead of you suggesting an upgrade, you may find your spouse suggesting it!

Reason 4: You will keep up with all the new and improved models by attending a boat show. Go to a boat show and be amazed at how many products and manufacturers can fit under one roof. Keep up with the times as all sorts of new products are on display. Attending a boat show gives you and your boating comrades plenty to chit chat about back at the club too.

Reason 5: The benefits of a "Sea Trial." When available, attend an "In-Water Boat Show." You get a real feel for a boat as it sits in the water. Especially smaller boats, as some will over react to passenger movement while others will list only slightly. It may also be possible to enjoy a demo ride in the boat you are considering to purchase. Taking the helm of a boat you are serious about purchasing can be the determining factor of either walking away from the boat or buying it.

Having a dealer Rep. accompany you out on the water and demonstrate how a boat handles is a true benefit. During such demonstrations, many questions can be asked by you. You may also get a good feel as to whether or not you want to do business with a particular dealership just by watching and listening to the Rep. during a "test drive." Even if there are no "In-Water Boat Shows" in your area, I recommend a trial run on the water with whichever boat you are seriously considering owning.

Tip: Wear boat shoes or sneakers when boarding the boats. No one wants black marks or scratches on their deck!

I hope this article gets you looking forward to attending the next boat show in your area.

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