Success Strategy: How to be a Goal Getter

by Cheryl A. Clausen - Date: 2007-08-04 - Word Count: 339 Share This!

Getting the goals you set has to be a part of any success strategy. Many people set goals, but few people actually accomplish the goals they set for themselves. There is a simple reason most people don't get there goals. They don't know how to formulate goals that are achievable.

If you've ever listened to or read about successful people you know successful people are good goal getters. One reason you may not be getting your goals now is because the goals you set are too vague. For example, setting a goal to take a vacation is vague. It isn't very motivating, and it doesn't provide any clear direction for how you would go about actually taking the vacation. A real goal would be to take a vacation starting and ending on specific dates to a specific location.

Making things measurable is an important part of your success strategy. The more measurable your goals are the better. When you set measurable and quantifiable goals you can track your progress toward the achievement of those goals. It makes it much easier for you to then develop action steps for achieving incremental steps toward the final goal. For example, if you income goal is $10,000 a month you then can define the actions you must take to obtain $2,500 a week and $500 a day if you're working on a 5 day week.

Bottom line you don't have a success strategy unless it involves action. Nothing happens without action. When you don't have action you're just dreaming, and dreams alone will never get you success. You can't dream something into reality. You can only make it a reality by taking action.

You not only need to take action, but you need to take right action. The more right actions you take the closer you'll come to achieving your goals and success. Success doesn't happen in one giant step it happens by taking millions of little tiny ant steps on a consistent basis guided by the goals you set and get.

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