Information Technology People Titles - Now and Then

by Osama El-Kadi - Date: 2007-02-02 - Word Count: 257 Share This!

No other industry on this planet have changed and glorified the TITLES of its people like the Information Technology industry.

Before it all become forgotten history, let me give you some insight on the old and new titles of this fascinating industry.

Having started my career as a COBOL computer programmer in the IT Industry in 1978, I hope that my little "dictionary" would be creditable and amusing. I also hope that some of the readers out there would volunteer some of the new and old titles, so that I can update it and make it more interesting to others.

Let's start with the basic functions in the IT Industry; management, system analysis, system design, programming, maintenance, operation, Sales, and purchasing.

Chief Information Officer CIO - Data Processing Manager or Manager Information SystemsChief Architect - Senior System DesignerChief Solution Architect (new) - A mixed up title that combines Design and analysisChief Infrastructure Architect - Senior OperatorChief Information Security Officer - Operation ManagerChief Technology Officer - R & D ManagerChief Procurement officer - Purchasing ManagerSystem Architect - System DesignerComputer Architect - Computer ProgrammerBusiness Solution Manager - System AnalystInformation Security Specialist - Programmer or OperatorTechnical Architect - OperatorSystem Integration Manager - System DesignerSolution Integration Manager - System Analyst Technical Project Manager - Senior OperatorLeading Outsourcing and Off shoring thought leader - SalesmanClient Director - Salesman Strategic Account Director - "Persistent" Salesman

I am certain that there are more old and new titles out there that could add to this interesting tall. Some of the industry veterans out there should be able to feed in some more of these titles that I may not be aware of.

I hope you found this enjoyable and fun.

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