Government Articles - Real ID - Great Idea or Bad Idea?

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Real ID Act of 2005 is calculated to fight terrorism, identity theft, and other problems by strengthening the integrity of state-issued ID cards. The law requires on states to put into operation a set of minimum national standards in more than a few areas:. Information and security safeguards that will be built into each license. Proof of who you are, date of birth, SSN, lawful citizenship status, and primary residence address. Verification of the source papers provided by each of us.

The directive requires a person wanting to penetrate a Federal building, fly on an jet or open a credit account to show the government recognized Real ID or a passport. It would also put every ID holder in a central database. Sounds good, but the truth is that the Real ID decrements on our privacy and invites hackers to steal personal info without making the population protected from terrorists or deterring illegal immigration.

Unhappily, Real ID is a failure waiting to materialize. It is really Big Brother time!. The initial estimated expense was $15 billion, it's been "condensed" to about four billion (yes that's BILLIONS) by giving your state government greater flexibility in issuing driver's licenses to older citizens.

The REAL ID Act of 2005 is a U.S. federal law that imposes selected principles for the state driver's licenses, to be acknowledged by the Big Brothers in the Federal government for "official purposes".

Is there any alternative? It's too late to stop Real ID, now you must shield yourself. The Official ID site shows you additional ideas, at Want evidence of what's going to happen? Just test this out, a website of millions of cellphones is now online, exposing YOU and millions of others: Take action immediately.

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