Unexplained Joint Pain

by Peter Gitundu - Date: 2008-08-24 - Word Count: 406 Share This!

At some point in our lives, we get to experience many kinds of pains due to very many reasons. Joint pain is one of those pains and, at some point there is no reason why it affects us in the first place. This kind of pain is usually said to be unexplained joint pain. At first, we are not alarmed by unexplained joint pain and, most of the times, the pain goes away even without the need for medication.

When you suffer from this kind of pain, you will rule out the diseases that cause the condition like arthritis. This is when you do not have the condition. The only way to rule out other diseases is to visit your health provider. Some people rule out these diseases without any tangible evidence. Make sure you visit a doctor to undertake thorough check up. Another cause of joint pain can be a disease like rheumatism.

If you have not suffered from any accident or physical trauma then you find you have joint pains, your condition will be branded as unexplained joint pain when you have no diseases as mentioned earlier. The first thing you do when you have unexplained joint pain is to have a doctor examine you thoroughly. You will give an account of what you have been up to so that the cause can be known. Total recovery will come after there is some known cause of the problem.

Usually, when a doctor digs deeper into the tests, there are all sorts of causes that come up and they include conditions like influenza and even the auto immune diseases like lupus. You are advised to never treat any symptom you do not understand. It does not matter whether you will use anti inflammatory drugs. They may play the role of hiding the real cause and this will continue to devastate you.

Another condition that is bound to surprise you is an incipient form of arthritis. The doctor will put you on medication to avoid damage of cartilage. If the cartridges are harmed, your condition will be pretty hard to salvage with drugs. You might be forced to go for surgery in the end and there are no guarantees.

Never combine medications unless the doctor has stated so this is because you will be making a recipe for disaster if the drugs are not compatible with each other. For example, never use diuretics and certain analgesic drugs.

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