My Love Knot With Jewelry

by Joea Taylora - Date: 2010-08-11 - Word Count: 286 Share This!

In my life, I have a love knot with jewelries. They play an important role in my ordinary life. My favorite jewelry is jade and I have three kinds of jade ornaments, including a jade bracelet, a jade necklace and a hare-shape jade. For me, they are not only my fortune, but also reflections of my appreciation of the beauty.

They are presents from my father and are the carriers of the love of him. My father seldom gives me presents because he doesn't want me to become a vain girl. But he bought the jades as presents because of the hope that I would be safe. What's more, they present dignity and decorum. In Chinese history, jade is always the symbol of noble. Every time I wear one of them, I have the feeling of being loved and cared, and the sense of tranquility.

The jades were bought by my father from different places, including Yunnan and Sichuan Province, the places that are famous for jade yields. I always think that they might have different stories before they became my belongings. I always have daydreams when I open the jewelry and set my eyes on them, supposing that there may have a love story in the hare-shape jade and so on.

In my opinion, jewelry stands for the taste of beauty as well as the hope of being charming. Furthermore, jewelry represents the love of life and the gratitude for our loved person. The importance of jewelry for me resides in emotion and spirit, and the imagination of the story enriches my life and makes it more magnificent. I believe that it is my love knot with jewelry that makes me always hopeful and grateful to my life.

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