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Music is one of the greatest entertainment sources in today's world. Listening to music can be relaxing, fun and is even known to have a therapeutic effect. The invention of the mp3 player marked a new and exciting era in the world of music, allowing everyone to listen to their favorite tunes anywhere, at any time. Portability is just one of the many advantages mp3 players provide. If you're looking for a reliable source of cheap mp3 players, is the place for you.

Mp3 players are small portable gadgets, used to play mp3 music files. Since it first appeared on the market, the mp3 player was clearly superior to any other music playing gadget invented at that time. Its first advantage, and the most obvious one, was its reduced dimensions. The mp3 player is much smaller than any CD player and therefore much more practical. Whenever you're in the mood for music you can slip your mp3 player into a pocket and go anywhere without having to worry about carrying extra weight. Furthermore, mp3 players allow you to listen to a large number of songs, with no extra hassle. This was a huge advantage, considering the fact that CD players required you to change the CD constantly and limited your play list to about 16 songs. At you will find dozens of cheap mp3 players to meet your needs.

There are four basic types of mp3 players commonly used today. First of all, there are the flash-based mp3 players, which have a built-in flash memory chip. These players are perfect if you're planning to listen to music while working out. The memory of a flash player ranges from 32MB to 2 GB, the latter being the most expensive ones due to their high storage capacity.

Hard-drive based mp3 players are also very popular nowadays, using a 1.8 inch hard disk drive for storing music files. Their main advantage is the high storage capacity, being able to hold more than 10GB of music. These players are not suited for physical activity but they are perfect if you want to be able to store tons of music. You can find a wide choice of cheap mp3 players at

Another widespread category of mp3 players is the micro hard-drive mp3 player category. These gadgets feature very small hard-drives which give storage space of about 5 GB. The micro hard-drive mp3 players are very popular because of their modern and compact design. If you're looking for a fashionable gadget, the micro hard-drive player is the right choice for you.

Last but not least, there's the mp3 CD player category. Mp3 CD players look and feel just like regular CD players, with almost no design differences. Using this gadget requires you to have a CD with mp3 files, which can be played in the unit. A CD holds about 150 mp3 files so you'll have a pretty extended choice of music at your fingertips. The disadvantages to these players are their large dimensions and their tendency to skip songs if bumped.

What would the world be like if we had no music? For most of us, this prospect is unthinkable as we all feel passionate about our favorite music genres. An mp3 player is a little technological wonder that allows us to take our music everywhere, as comfortably as possible. is a top provider of cheap mp3 gadgets and hundreds of other products of the highest quality.

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