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Christmas can be a truly magical time of year, a time for families to get together, a time for good food, and a time for getting some amazing Christmas gifts. It doesn't seem to matter how old we get, getting presents now is just as much fun as when we were young, though the Christmas gifts themselves of course may have changed quite a bit.

Toys seem to go in and out of fashion these days much quicker than they used to; and we all like to think that we got weeks of enjoyment from our Christmas gifts back in the good old days. Sometimes it's not the joy of the Christmas gifts themselves that makes us happy, but the anticipation of what Santa might bring, and that moment of joy when you tear the wrapping paper away and find exactly what you wanted. If only you could wrap those feelings up and make them Christmas gifts in their own right. Well, in a way, you can

Buying your loved ones Christmas gifts that remind them of their childhood or a special time in their lives is a wonderful gift indeed, and there are a number of ways in which you can bring the past back for the sake of putting a smile on their face.

Original Newspapers can make for truly inspiring Christmas gifts that honour any day. Present someone with an original copy of 'The Times' or 'Telegraph' newspaper from the day they were born, and you'll have a very happy relative indeed. Whether they are thirty, forty or fifty years old, a copy of the newspaper from any particular day can be put into a beautiful handmade box. See how the world has changed, remember who was Prime Minister, reminisce at what was on the television that night; don't believe it? Well, these remarkable Christmas gifts also include a certificate of authenticity. Wonderful Christmas gifts to be treasured forever.

Every era has its own style of music and everyone has a favourite song. 'Special Records' make for truly wonderful Christmas gifts as they honour a significant song with an original vinyl single mounted on a polished silver frame. If you're lucky enough to still have an 'old fashioned' record player then these Christmas gifts can be used too. Perhaps the UK Single that was number one when your loved one was born, or a favourite song from their childhood, or perhaps the song that marked the first dance at your wedding. Any track that was at number one from November 1952 to December 1991 can be used, and if their favourite track doesn't fall into that period then you could mark with a 'Personalised and Framed Didi Disc' modern and stylish Christmas gifts that can be hung on the wall for all to see.

With all the family together, and lots of fun to be had, Christmas Day can make for some great photograph opportunities. Most people can say that they have a picture of themselves wearing a Christmas Cracker paper hat somewhere, or photographs of the children unwrapping their Christmas gifts moments to be treasured forever. Well, photographs themselves can make for personal and treasured Christmas gifts. Just select a favourite photograph and you could have it copied onto a variety of objects including bags, chairs, cushions, aprons or even oven gloves and a tea cosy! What a great way to reminisce a special moment time and time again.

We seem to grow more and more nostalgic the older we get; and Christmas day wouldn't be complete without a story or two from the parents or grand parents as they get increasingly tipsy on sherry. Why not indulge them this year with Christmas gifts that remind them of their past? Scrapbooks from the 1920s up to the 1980s can make great keepsakes from the decade they treasure the most. Full of nostalgic imagery and information about what made that period so special will make sentimental Christmas gifts for anyone.

If you want to make a memory more tangible then why not surprise the family this Christmas with a recipe from Mrs Beeton's 'Easy Everyday Cooking' cook book. A staple book in kitchens from the 1860's, it includes the 200 best recipes for fish, meats, vegetables and poultry. They have even been updated so that you can adapt the recipe for a meal that the whole family will enjoy this Christmas, or give them as Christmas gifts to those loved ones who simply need a little bit of help in the kitchen.

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