Past and Present Costume Jewellery

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There are many purposes for costume jewellery and every wearer can enjoy its stylish and beautiful look. These accessories can complete a woman's look and perfect a woman's outfit; it can add colour and romance to the woman's clothes and spruce up what she is wearing. As long as man has existed, so did accessories. It has been used by people in the past as ornaments, and they have existed for thousands of years. The word "costume" has been added to it for more than seventy-five to eighty years; and although older jewelleries can be called antiques, there really is no big difference between how jewelleries look then and now.

In ancient Egypt, people wore them when they were living and they also wore them in their tombs to the afterlife. The first evidences could date back as far as the Greek and Roman eras and during those times, they have served dual purposes: to fasten clothes and to display their wealth. As a matter of fact, museums display some accounts of the use of these things in the past. This signify man's constant need to beautify themselves in their own way and with their individual style.

During the Elizabethan Era, the 16th Century, great focus was put into the art of gem cutting. It may not be as intricate as the ones that exist today, but many of the precious and semi-precious stones were already being used. Earrings began to adorn women's ears during the end of the 1500s; when women stopped wrapping their heads with headwear, they began to feel the need to decorate their ears.

In the 18th and 19th Century when King Georges ruled Great Britain, all the jewellery was created by hand and included articles of nature like flowers, birds, insects and leaves. These intricate designs are enhanced with gemstones and diamonds, making them quite in demand for different collectors from different countries.

The Victorian Age of accessories began during the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1837 an those who were in the business during those years created a lot of necklaces, rings and so many other jewelleries that influenced the same emotions. The middle class in these era, have come to achieve so much more, and these caused them to afford to give their wives lavish gifts in form of jewelleries.

Towards 189 until around 1915, Art Nouveau was introduced and Art Deco invaded the scene with much prominence.

The Modern Era, or the present time, has brought brooches, necklaces, pins, rings and so much more to both men and women. Jewelleries of different kinds are now being enjoyed by different people with collection pieces being made available for almost every part of the body.

When a person enters a shop of jewellery, they will surely be inundated by variety of pieces available in the place. Jewelleries nowadays, make great gifts to different people and it could be in form of necklaces, earrings, rings and even clips. If you are thinking of giving jewelleries as gifts, you need to know what the receiver wants first before you begin to shop for something.

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