Hot Tubs in Spain & Hot Springs in Roman Times

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Most people know the famous places where one could go and take the waters. In Belguim there is, of course, the famous Spa the place where the very word "Spa" comes from . Then in England you have Bath so aptly named with its very famous Roman Baths.

Nearly all of Iceland has multi Hot Spring locations as there are also many in North America and Rotorua in New Zealand to name but just a few.

Turning to Hot Spring in Spain one of Spain's better-known hot springs in located in the beautiful Andalucian region of Malaga. In the foothills of the Sierras on a mountainside to the north of the Guadalhorce Valley is the spa village of Carratraca.

This is one of the famed �White Villages' of Andalucia, and Carratraca has been renowned for the curative properties of its sulphur-water springs for hundreds of years. The peak popularity of the village was during the 19th century, when the English poet Lord Byron was a frequent visitor. This ancient facility is constructed in the traditiona Roman way out of sandstone and marble.

Since time immemorial visitors have flocked to these places to take the waters, knowing full well that the effect will be to soothe aches and pains as well as providing the mental respite of escaping from the trials and tribulations of the stresses and strains of everyday life for a while.

Of course, the popularity of these hot springs comes at a price: more often than not they can get extremely overcrowded. Fortunately for those looking for a more intmate and private bathing experience, there are many more natural hot springs around. Some are located in rather out of the way places, known only to the locals; others are simply not as famous but they can often be far more pleasant. Alternatively of course one can have their own Hot Spring in a Hot Tub Jacuzzi Spa in their own garden or on a patio or a roof terrace.

Now what is the one thing that these Hot Spring Spas from the past do not have - it is of course an electric Air Blower (after all in days of old electricity had not been discovered) which is often fitted on many modern day spas.

The basic idea of air coming out of those pepper pot independent air jets in a Hot Tub Jacuzzi or as in some spas cleverly combined and mixed with water to provide air blower therapy which helps to increase the blood circulation to your skin and Doctors that I have spoken to have confirmed this train of thought. . Our skin represents by far the largest component of our body which helps us to remove poisons and the like. When our skin is invigorated, naturally our overall health is improved and this helps to remove toxins from our body and has a direct result in increasing our personal vitality as our mind body & soul receive the rejuvenating treatment.

It is a well known medical fact that the lower legs, the Tibia & Fibia areas,between the knee and the feet and ankles are the longest distance from our hearts. That is why if you break your leg below the knee the "lower third" is the area which is the hardest to heal often needing bone grafts to get the healing process on its way. I speak with personal experience having spent more than a little time with my leg in traction with a broken femur and the leg below the knee in a plaster cast with a broken Tibia & Fibia. This lack of circulation is of course why the ankles can get those blue looking spidery blood veins, and then of course our legs often get varicose veins.

Gravity and the actual weight of the blood circulating causes higher blood pressure and what is often referred to by Chinese Doctors and acupuncture specialists as "stagnant blood". Of course in reality there is no such thing as stagnant blood; rather it is blood which is circulating slowly and not circulating as fast as it should.

When one submerses their body into warm water the blood becomes more or less neutral in weight as it has a similar weight to water. The effect of this is to reduce the pressure on your legs and at the same time the effects of gravity pulling on the body are much reduced.

What is missing however is the blower therapy, which is specifically designed by doctors to increase blood circulation in your skin, legs and feet. The effect is very similar to taking a nice warm fluffy towel and gently wrapping and rubbing this around your body and legs a bit like being immersed in ones own massage cocoon.

A spa with an air blower does actually help to reduce those strange spidery blood veins that appear on ones feet and ankles. Use your air blower on your Hot Tub regularly to get the full benefit of your Hot Tub Jacuzzi Spa.


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