Inkjet Printer: Machine Suitable for Large Poster Printing

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Machines are among the significant factors that can greatly affect the outcome of a poster printing service. Depending on the reliability of a printing machine, you can either create magnificent large posters or create a useless one. Now, when creating large posters, an ideal type of printing machine to use is an inkjet printer.


The reason for this is because inkjet printing machines are specifically built for performing large poster printing. Most of them are specifically made to create posters as large as 60"x100".

So, how does this type of printing work?

An inkjet printer usually works in a way that it spurts tiny droplets of ink directly at a printing paper in order to produce an image. These printing machines shoot inks right into a printing stock's tiny holes.

Now, imagine the accuracy of an inkjet printer. Each droplet creates a dot on a paper which is about 50 to 60 microns in diameter. These dots are accurately positioned in order to create images that contain resolutions up to 1440x720 dpi and can accurately reproduce digital images with resolution of 300 dpi and even higher.

With such capability, you can have a higher chance of creating very detailed large posters. Inkjet printers can open doors to what you thought was not possible. This allows for custom printing, which allows people to create unique large poster prints. This printing machine is often used for custom printing because it can accommodate the various needs of its users.

This type of printing machine will also allow its users to different types of colors. Yes, this printing process usually performs 4-color process, which allows the production of posters that contain more saturated colors and livelier images. With this printing machine, you can produce different types of colors just by precisely mixed using 4 different colors.

Another good thing about inkjet printers is that it can finish large poster printing in just a small fraction of a time. Since inkjet printers are usually classified as types of digital printers, they are also capable of fast printing.

With this, printing companies can provide faster turnarounds. Some can even provide same day printing services; however, the standard time is usually 2 to 8 days depending on how large your posters are.

But probably, the best thing that inkjet printing machines can offer its user is its capability to print large posters with lesser costs. Now, with this, you can create unique, colorful and inexpensive large posters.

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