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Rowdy animals disappearing on stage, gorgeous women, world class entertainment and bigger than life entertainers. Throw all that in with amazing food, accommodations and gambling and it would be hard to find a better place to visit. These are the many reasons that people get Las Vegas tickets to go see some of the greatest shows being put on every week of the year. Getting seats to the huge productions such as "Bette Midler" or "The Beattles Love by Cirque Soleil" can be near impossible at any given time. There are many tips that can help to assure that a Vegas vacation is not ruined by missing an ideal event.

Planning The Trip

The best way to avoid missing a big show or having to pay crazy money for the Las Vegas tickets is planning. Don't show up empty handed hoping to get tickets for a huge headliner at the entrance. Sound basic but for some reason it is consistently done. Planning the trip as far in advance as possible is best. The big shows will almost always be sold out the week of the event. If you can plan ahead and book the seats around a month before actually going to you should get nice seats at face value. Use the Internet to research all the different shows, make your decisions and book through the box office as soon as possible.

Other Alternatives

If the shows you are wanting to see are already sold out even months in advance then use alternative methods. It is not uncommon for the big Las Vegas tickets to be sold out many months before the show even opens. If you go to Vegas often and stay at the same hotel then see what they can do for you. Loyal customers can often be treated to certain perks. Don't be shy or scarred to ask the hotel if they have any discounted tickets for any of the big shows. They almost always do and are more than happy to keep loyal patrons satisfied with their services.

It is also a good idea to try and see what the concierge may be able to do for you. Just locate him or her and ask if they know how to get Las Vegas tickets for the best shows. They live and work in the city and have plenty of connections. Let them know what shows you want to catch and see if they can work on it. Of course remember that a gracious tip is appropriate etiquette. The concierge can be one of the most powerful people in Vegas, so do not underestimate them. They may be the best edge you have for getting great seats to a sold out show.

If these tips fail then trying using the Internet to your advantage, but be careful. You can check the free classified web sites and see if anyone has extra tickets. Plenty of people may have canceled their trip and be left with seats to a show. The auction sites may also have some Las Vegas tickets for the big shows from regular people trying to get rid of them. Use caution and make sure to protect yourself as much as possible. This is just as risky as buying scalped tickets outside the door, may be riskier. There are, however, many legitimate and nice people who will have tickets they need to get rid of at face value. Try checking the net for promotions and discounts that the shows may be running. The best way to do this is by checking the show web site. Every show will have a web site to promote the events. Many times they may be running promotions and discounted tickets for slow nights to help fill the venue. They often times will also have discounted codes online sent out for marketing the show. Do a little research and see what you can dig up?

If none of these tips work, and you still cannot secure the Las Vegas tickets for the hottest shows don't get upset. You still can pay extra and get seats from a broker if you do not mind spending the extra cash. There is always a ticket available for any show if you are willing to pay. There are other alternatives as well, just find a lesser known show which people love but do not sell out. There are hundreds of different shows playing each night. You may miss the big productions but find that the less in demand show was equally entertaining. These shows are also more likely to have discounts and will be a much less expensive evening out in Sin City. There is always something to do in Vegas and with these tips you are sure to not miss a beat. Al has a site devoted to Broadway shows of the past and present and has content to help fans Las Vegas Tickets and Resources for fans. His site includes up to date information and reviews on all concert events plus resources for getting Las Vegas tickets information for any show.

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