Samsung x820, there cannot be thinner and lighter than this

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Along with megapixel cameras new obsession with mobile phone is thinness. Launching X820 Samsung has jumped into the limelight as a manufacturer of ultra thin phones. With 113x50x6.9mm dimension Samsung X820 can really claim to be the slimmest phone available in the globe. You must see it to believe the thinness of this show stopper. It is really a laudable work to accommodate a 2 megapixel camera module measuring 6mm in thickness into a 6.9mm thick device.

The thinness of the phone, however, does not hamper its solidity in any way. Despite being the world's thinnest as well as the lightest phone Samsung x820 has a petite body and it is very comfy to hold too. The keypad of the phone is fairly large user-friendly and overall styling is quite nice. The phone comes in overall matte black colour and silver chrome top edging.

In its effort to make Samsung x820 the thinnest and lightest phone, Samsung, in no way compromised with its functionality. It may take anybody by surprise how Samsung managed to pack so many features within the narrow space in X820. The two megapixel camera though, cannot compete with the top range phones, is certainly one of the best. The video camera is also quite impressive with the resolution of 355x288 pixels. The 1.9 inches large TFT screen handling 262k colours displays the pictures and videos nicely.

The phone also comes with a stereo MP3 with memory of 80Mbites, capable enough to store dozens of tracks. It supports a wide range of formats and compatible to handle play lists. The phone also supports Bluetooth, USB etc making it possible to transfer data wirelessly with other compatible devices. Messaging with Samsung X820 is quite interesting. While supporting email accounts it offers common messaging features like SMS, MMS etc.

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