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by ROBERTO SEDYCIAS - Date: 2009-11-26 - Word Count: 601 Share This!

Face makeup is a necessity for many women, it is a part of who they are and helps how they feel about themselves. It is a part of their daily routine and it is sometimes reflective in the self-esteem that is felt. Makeup makes girls feel pretty and beautiful and with all of the choices out there, a makeup counter can be as enticing as a child at a candy counter. Business is cashing in on the products they make and deliver and so are the advertising companies who sell them. It is a booming business and will continue to grow as long as women choose to wear makeup.

For many girls as soon as they hit around thirteen the idea of wearing makeup becomes a priority. And sometimes parents frown upon it because it signifies the concept of being older and growing into a teenager. For teenagers who have approving parents or not, buying makeup and applying it can be an overwhelming task. Cosmetic counters are loaded with products and price ranges and it makes it hard to know what to buy and from what company. Many girls rely on the advertisement they see on TV. Popular brands will have been advertised in front of them for the past few years and they have probably noticed. And not only do girls rely on advertising they see on TV and in magazines, they also pay attention to product packaging and overall displays. The prettier and glamorous it looks, the more it will sell.

Choosing colors for teenagers is also a challenge. Once they find the product name they want, it is then they need to decide what colors and actual makeup pieces they need. Usually there is someone around the cosmetic counters to help young girls decide on what to get. Girls just coming into wearing makeup are usually interested in foundation that is oil controlled and softness the appearance of redness caused by pimples and blackheads. They usually look for eyeliner and mascara and of course lipstick. Wearing lipstick for a young girl is a feeling of getting older and becoming more beautiful.

As a girl ages into womanhood her need for makeup may change. The foundation needs may change as now they might want something with sun block and even wrinkle creams built right into the foundation. The colors that were once worn as a younger girl might mature into something less pink and more neutral. Makeup worn by women is sometimes put on to make it look like they have no makeup on at all. However, when a woman goes out at night, she will probably pick darker colors to accentuate the way she looks and wants to feel on a night out.

The concept of makeup is different for each woman. It can be that she wants to wear it because she wants everyone to know she has it on, such as in heavy eye liner with dark shades around the eyes, to someone who just wants to be noticed. Perhaps there eyelashes look flat or their face red and blotchy, maybe even their lips are the same shade as the rest of their skin, for girls like that, wearing makeup makes them feel better, although they put it on to make it look like natural features. One thing is for sure, for all women wearing makeup; it boosts self-esteem and makes them feel beautiful allowing for inner features to shine through as well.

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