Want to Help Make the World Greener? Use Organic Cleaning Products!

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Spring cleaning need not be tied to a specific time of the year. All year round, you can have your own version of spring cleaning. This way, you won't feel like a huge and sudden burden is suddenly on your shoulders and on your to-do list when spring arrives. Also, if you regularly clean things, you'll be using less amounts of cleaning products, thus helping you to spend less energy.

Although I have to say, your energy is at stake here, but that is another story for another day. But first things first, did you know that when you use organic cleaning products, you not only help Mother Nature and your wallet, but your kids and furry critters as well? Yes, you really do help them too! Want to know why? Well, here are some facts to support that claim.

Your regular cleaning aids usually have a lot of strong fragrances that might help trigger allergies or even asthma. Not only that but they are also riddled with hazardous and/or harsh chemicals like ammonia, alcohol and bleach. Plus, those kinds of cleaning aids are riddled with really strong coloring additives that are harmful to the skin, especially to children's and not to mention, animals.

So when you were using those kinds of cleansing materials, you were actually putting your kids and your pets at risk. Well, why is that, you may ask? It's because kids are usually found on the floor playing with toys while your dogs or cats have no choice but to stay on the ground. Unless of course, they sprout wings because they inhaled too much ammonia and transform into mutants - which is another way of saying; dogs have to stay on the ground because that's how nature intended them to be.

Not only that but when you don't use natural cleaning products, you also increase the chances of breeding strong bacteria that can resist even the toughest of antiseptics. So it really is for the best that you avoid those cleaning aids and choose greener products.

So now let's move on to green ideas that will truly help you become a better person inside out. First, have you ever heard of tea tree oil? Surely you have. Some people know that tea tree oil is an effective skin clearing product. But it can also be used as a substitute for bleach.

To make your homemade version of a disinfectant, all you have to do is mix two cups of water with four tablespoons of liquid soap, then add about twenty-five drops of tea tree oil. Use it to clean your tiles, sinks, and even the bathtub. It will leave a nice, clean smell to your bathroom. You can also use this mixture on your kitchen or bedrooms. Just make sure to test on a small surface first so that you won't end up in a bigger mess than you started with.

Another must-have green cleaning product is vinegar. This all purpose cleaner can help you clean almost anything except marble tiles or counter tops that is. But if you have beautiful hardwood floors, then you can use vinegar to restore it to its original glory. Mix half a cup of vinegar with sixty ounces of warm water. If you have a smaller area, you can halve that mixture. Just spray it on the floor and mop away.

These are just some of the products that can and will help you go towards the right direction - the green route. So why not take a clue from your grandmother and use these downright cheap but effective cleaning products? You won't be sorry!

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A healthy and happy environment isn't polluted with hazardous chemicals. That's why when it comes to cleaning your home you should use organic cleaning products. Plus, when you use organic cleaning products, you make Mother Nature happy. Your Article Search Directory : Find in Articles

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