Photography - Your Lense On The World

by Semra Gencay - Date: 2007-09-06 - Word Count: 371 Share This!

I could start by saying that photography is the process of recording images by capturing light on a light-sensitive medium, such as a film or... But I hope you don't mind, rather than sharing Information that is accessible in any library I'd like to talk about what makes me passionate about photography.

When I think about photography I think about a medium that is a visual form of expression. According to the objective; it can express a commercial or artistic idea. For me personally, photography is an artistic form of expression, a wonderful way to submit an idea quickly - within seconds by visual means.

There is something fascinating about how humans perceive their environment. For example we judge a person's likeability within a fraction of a second. So studying and understanding the complex way in which an individual perceives the world around them is a great tool. It enables the photographer to communicate ideas without using words. This gives the persons viewing the image the freedom to interprete the photo in the way that is unique to them and the photographer the ability to cross boundaries of geography, sex, age, race and even education.

In conceptual and artistic photography technique also serves as a tool to express ideas. This technique can be as simple as a box with a hole that has photographic paper inside, or as complicated as the mountain of equipment found on a professional shoot. Whatever emphasizes the initial concept behind the photo and the idea is perfect.

Photography for me is an example of the way in which I perceive my environment; I try to express my feelings about my world via my photos. It is a process in development, changing as I grow. It enables me to stand back, to look and learn about other people, cultures and places. My subjects are personal and at the same time they refer to the whole of humanity, how we are slotted between family, society, environment and politics and how that shapes us.

Photography is the lense that is helping me to grow and develop as a person and I hope through sharing this journey; I am able to affect and enhance the lives of others too.

Semra Gencay

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