What's Our Biggest Fault In Golf

by Clint Hitchcock - Date: 2006-12-17 - Word Count: 418 Share This!

What's our biggest fault in our golf games? Interesting question, isn't it? Let's see, when you are standing on the first tee in a scramble, and you have a group waiting on you to go, what is it that you feel? Is it confidence? No? Control over the situation? I'll tell you how you are feeling. You are tighter than the rubber band winding inside a Titleist. Muscles are so tight that you're shaking. What can you do to make it look easy like the professional golfers do?

Tight muscles are the cause of most errors in our golf swings. Slices, hooks, the skull or fatty are all results of you doubting yourself. Doubt causes fear and overtightness. Maybe your shoulders are tight. How can you finish your backswing or follow through properly? You can't. If your wrists are tight, the clubhead can not release, and a slice or push results. Can you analyze all the muscles that are tight and what they are doing? This would be exasperating to say the least. Your concious mind would be doing flips trying to figure it out. Is this how you play golf? Telling your body what to do or how to do it. Your subconscious coordinates muscle movement in precise and timed response to the action that is called for. The best way to play golf is to entrust you body to carry out the swing without conscious effort. You can't tell yourself to "relax", because you are trying to tell your body what to do.

I want to help you here. Why are you playing golf in the first place? Is it to feed your family or is it to have fun? Are you going to be punished for the outcome of your next golf shot or putt? Doubt it. Do you play golf because you LOVE IT? There's the lesson; Love Golf!

Next time that you are on the practice range or out on the golf course, when you take your backswing, say "Love" and on the follow through say "Golf". Sounds silly doesn't it? What it does is take your conscious mind out of the equation by giving it something to do besides telling your body what to do or how to do it. You don't tell yourself to lift your right leg and place it 3 feet in front of you when you walk now do you? Let your subconscious control your swing by Loving Golf and you just might find yourself playing better and having more fun.

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