Online Fax - The New Technological Invention

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Fax is a short form for facsimile and it is a kind of message sent over through telephone lines. It is a great invention in communication side. Are you feeling difficulty to buy fax machines or don't have any fax machines. Don't worry online fax is a technological development of internet. You can get your fax in online as an email and many companies are providing you the online fax facilities.

Features of Online Fax

The features of online fax facilities are as follows
No fax machines needed
You can receive your fax anywhere and any time
You can view your fax as soon as they received
No delay in receiving and sending the faxes
You can send the fax as an email
Fax is received in suitable format and you can read it as soon as you got your fax

How to Send Online Fax

Many online fax companies provide you this facility. Just you need to register in those companies which provide you these facilities. You can send the fax as an email by creating new email message and attach a document and send the email to the fax no you want. You can create professional faxes by creating a cover page options and design on your own.

Working principle of online fax:

The device required for sending facsimile is computer and modems. The fax is sent to your fax server and it gets converted to the required format and then it is transmitted into the web server and get transmits into the email account of the respective subscriber.

Problems in ordinary facsimile:

The traditional method use phone lines for fax and only one fax can be sent at a time. The problem in that traditional method was, it usually transmits message as pulses and these pulses are converted into images and then it is printed on paper. It consumes time and requires some materials and also there is no possibility of sending frequent messages. Since it depends completely on phone lines there is a possibility of distortion and noise.

Online fax providers:

An online fax service company reduces your communication and paper costs and provides you the following facilities
They handle all your companies fax and accepts fax from all fax machines
Even though your phone line is busy they help you to receive your fax
They alert you when you get any fax either through mobiles or e-mail's
They enable you to view your fax as soon as you receive
Secured fax facilities which protects you fax from others
They provide you the software which makes you to edit your faxes
They provide you web based account management
You can send the fax from any application by clicking the application toolbar provided by the respective service providers
They help you to receive and send faxes from any location through internet access.

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