Samsung J700 Review: a Samsung J700 Review for People Always on the Go

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Going back to what is necessary-this must be the slogan of Samsung J700. For people who are always on the go and do not have the time to be techie, then Samsung J700 is the best phone for them. Aside from the necessary features that the phone has, it also offers great features at a very low price. Good for people who don't feel spending so much on a mobile phone but still wants to use the basic features of the communications gadget.

Marketing Pitch of the Samsung J700

The Samsung J700 was actually made to answer the demand of the low-end market. And so, it is for sale for a low price, only about $200. Depending on the country, the price may be higher or lower. But with the average $200, anyone will surely get interested to know more about the Samsung J700.

Compiling just the necessary features, the Samsung J700 can be considered as one of the best in the low-end market and one of the best mobile phone deals. Its designs and features might make anyone feel like this is not just worth $200 but more than that. Well, the good news is that the Samsung J700 is really that cheap. One of the clear edges of the Samsung J700 among other mobile phones is its nice, sleek, and elegant design.

Elegance of Samsung J700

Black is the more popular colour available for the Samsung J700. Its shiny black covering with white spots will at first make anyone think that this is another expensive Samsung phone. But the tag price will deny that because Samsung J700 is very elegant for only some dollars.

The edgeless sides it has and the sexy curves of the phone are just so enticing to the eyes. Include to that the shiny black covering as well as the glass-like plastic cover for the phone's front. It may also be slipped-up to reveal the camera at the back.

Aside from the intelligent design, the Samsung J700 is also practically made for people on the go. Some Samsung J700 reviews say that the Samsung J700 is not so bulky and uncomfortable for the hand compared to other luxury phones. With its 92 grams weight, anyone holding it will feel like nothing is on his hand. It also has a thin 14.8mm depth that makes it just right for grasp. The 99.5mm height and 14.8mm width just fit the hand for sliding it up.

Added Nice Features of the Samsung J700

Like the common mobile phones nowadays, the Samsung J700 has a camera capable of capturing 1.3 megapixel photos at a maximum of 1280x960 pixels. It may also be used to record videos. However, many Samsung J700 reviews say that the phone should never be expected to produce high quality photos. They're just okay with the phone's price.

Meanwhile, other communication features that the Samsung J700 has are GPRS Class 10, EDGE Class 10, Bluetooth, and USB. It may also be used to send SMS, MMS, and EMS. Browsing the net is also possible with its WAP2.0 and HTML support. Some applications can be used with its Java support. Music lovers can surely enjoy the phone's MP3 and MP4 players. If not, the FM radio is on the back up to entertain the phone's user.

With all these features and great designs, who else can say that the Samsung J700 is just around $200 or less? For sure, with this great value and great features, the Samsung J700 can be among the best mobile phone deals in the market for people who are always on the go.

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