How To Find And Purchase A Rv Mattress

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Recreational vehicle (RV) mattresses range from comfortable to excruciatingly uncomfortable. Your RV mattress may be too firm or too soft for your liking. On the other hand, maybe your once comfortable mattress has seen better days and is now old and worn out. If your RV mattress is giving you a restless sleep, replace it with a new one. Have sweet dreams on your new mattress and wake up refreshed for a new day of adventures. Below are helpful steps on how to replace your RV mattress.

Step 1
Measure the length and width of the existing RV mattress using a measuring tape. Measure the thickness of the existing mattress as well if the RV has a low ceiling. Write the measurements on a piece of paper. Common RV Sizes are as follows:

38x75 - Twin
53x75 - Full
48x75 - Three Quarter*
60x75 - Queen Short*
60x80 - Queen
72x80 - RV King
*Denotes most common sizes.

RV mattress sizes differ from standard home mattresses and sometimes even differ from RV to RV. Mattresses made for RVs are usually shorter than household mattresses. Measuring the mattress allows you to purchase the correct size for your RV.

Step 2
After you determine the size RV mattress or camper mattress you need its time to start shopping. Most mattress and furniture stores do not carry the common rv mattress sizes. You may find them at local camping outlets. Alternatively, they are easy to find online. As you browse different stores be sure to ask about return polices and shipping costs. It is common to find online retailers offering free shipping.

Step 3
When you find a reputable retailer you feel comfortable doing business next it is time to deciede specifically what kind of rv or camper mattress you prefer. The most common choices are innerspring and high density foam. Foam models are becoming more and more popular due to the "trampoline effect" sometime caused while using an innerspring unit while moving. The bumps in the road tend to cause the sleeper to move more than they would like. Because foam absorbs energy this "trampoline effect" is almost completely eliminated.

Step 4
When your receive your new RV mattress simple install in the desired location and you're ready to hit the road!

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