Quinceañera Invitations - Time to Celebrate My Fifteenth Birthday!

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The Quinceañera or Quince años is a pivotal event in a young Hispanic girl's life. It's not uncommon for parents to purchase hundreds of Quinceañera invitations for the celebration of womanhood. It is akin to the sweet sixteen in the American cultural tradition, and the Bar or Bat Mitzvah for Jewish children, and the cotillion or debutante ball in some areas. It's celebrated as being more special than other birthdays for the birthday girl. In fact, the closest English translation is actually "birthday girl". It is oftentimes represented XV Años, and that means 15 years. Very few individual countries call the party itself, quinceañera. The Quinceaños is referred to as the event itself, and the Quinceañera is the girl who is being celebrated and honored at the event.

Quinceanera invitations are very important in a Hispanic girl's life because it marks the transition to adulthood from childhood. It's the journey from immaturity to ripeness and maturity. The event showcases beliefs and highlights activities concerning God, family, friends, music, food, and dance. The conquistadors from Spain and the natives of Mexico formed the Quinceaños celebration as a mutual belief they both held. It contains traditional elements of coming of age ceremonies and religious and cultural additions from Spain. For example, there is a 16th century Spanish tradition of showing off one's daughter to society at the age of fifteen as a kind of marker for how well the child has grown into a mature, respectable, and spiritual woman. The natives eagerly emulated this Spanish tradition because of its propriety and general fun value. It was nice to substantiate a common feeling amongst parents of 15-year-old girls that the girl had reached womanhood and moved on from her childish ways and demeanor.

Quinceanera invitations are sent out to at least 14 boys and girls; this is because the Quinceanera's court can be full of young girls (referred to as a Dama), young boys (referred to as a Chambelán or Escorte or Galán) or a grouping of both  - usually up to 14 persons in the court, which with the Quinceanera, would equal 15 young people. The Quinceanera herself is stunning in a ball gown with her court dressed in matching, or sub-special gowns, and boys dressed in tuxedos. Quinceanera invitations might specify the details of the clothing purchase or renting process.

Whatever the invitations look like, this is a magical time in the life of a young woman that merits only the most refined and elegant invitations.

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