The Leadership Style Of God

by Thejendra Sreenivas - Date: 2010-08-16 - Word Count: 497 Share This!

Do you want to understand the leadership style of God? Of course, you will want to. But, unlike business leaders, he does not give interviews on his leadership skills. However, it is still possible to get a fairly good idea of his leadership methods if you understand his quirky ways of working. And here is that sneak preview for those who wish to know.

1.The first rule to understand God is you can never understand him fully. You can only get bits and pieces of his leadership.

2. He does not conform to human logic, laws, rationality or science. Our definitions are different from his definitions. So what humans define as good and bad may not necessarily be good and bad for God.

3. He does not get too chummy with anyone. You cannot take his friendship for granted. So he can easily coach, cajole, control or decimate as the need arises. And you cannot appease him with materialistic gifts manufactured on his earth.

4. He operates like a kaleidoscope with no two actions being alike. This is why he does not respond to heated arguments like, 'Why', 'Why not', 'What if', 'How about'. 'If you did this, then why not that,' etc.

5. Just because you pray to him everyday does not mean all your wishes will be fulfilled. If he feels like helping you he can take you to dizzying heights of success, fame and money. Or he can take you to suffocating depths of poverty and shame.

6. He operates in a cyclical manner. He does not promise success or failure. He ensures that nothing good or bad lasts forever. And he also ensures that all success is temporary and the very factors that brought you success can also bring failure so that you don't become too confident of your failures.

7. Sometimes you can get what you want from him, but it won't be what you expected. So always expect the unexpected when dealing with God.

8. He is not very keen on stuff like customer satisfaction, dream fulfillment or pampering anyone. In 99.99% of the case he does not fulfill your wishes for the cosmic reasons known only to him. Earth comes with no guarantee.

9. He likes moderation. If you are going too fast he will trip you or throw a spanner in the works.

Finally, God does not exist in this universe for the sole purpose of babysitting humans. And the existence of violence, death and other rubbish on earth cannot be used to prove or disprove his existence. He does not have to involve humans in everything that goes on in the mighty universe. Nor does he have any plans to do so. Remember, earth is just a tiny speck in the mighty universe populated by galaxies, stars, solar systems, black holes and countless other mysterious things. His cosmic responsibility is much higher than we can ever imagine.

So get used to God's ways of leadership. There is nothing you or anyone can do other than accepting his quirky ways.

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