How To Find The Right Color For Your Wedding Invitations

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A wedding is an incredibly special day. The amount of planning and preparation that goes into a wedding pays off in memories that last a lifetime. Of the many decisions that have to be made when planning a wedding, choosing what color to design a theme around is high on the list. In many instances, the color theme chosen is also represented in the wedding invitations.

There are of course many colors to choose from. While the number of color choices may make it easier to personalize the particulars of your wedding, it can also seem overwhelming when you are sorting out all of the details in the initial planning stage. Finding the right color for your wedding invitations should be something that you enjoy. Still the question remains, how can this task become a smoother process?

Choose a color theme for the wedding

Before you choose a color or colors for your invitations, choose the overall color theme for the wedding. There is no rule that states that you must use your wedding colors on your invitations, but if you do decide to, you will already know what color to use.

There are many different ways to settle on a color theme for your wedding. Some brides have known since they were little girls what colors they wanted to use in their wedding. Some grooms have a strong opinion about one color or another. Still, other couples choose seasonal color and some choose colors which will coordinate with their wedding flowers. There is no rule for how to choose a color theme, or how many colors to choose.

Extend the color theme to your invitations

Some people want every part of their wedding to be color coordinated. Others are less sure. For some people, the traditional ivory paper is what they always imagined as part of their wedding day, while others want their invitations to be as unique as their relationship with their future spouse.

For many people who are planning a contemporary wedding, implementing the wedding colors into the invitations is more straightforward. A popular invitation style for contemporary weddings is with a solid, vibrant color for the invitation, with the ink in a lighter color. Pink, green and yellow cards come in a variety of shades, and make gorgeous contemporary invitations.

If you are planning a casual wedding, you can still add color to your invitations. Pastel paper, accent ribbons and colored ink are all popular ways to add color to wedding invitations. If you stray far from the traditional ivories and whites, you may want to use the colors from your wedding, to maintain a coordinated look.

Other color choices

If you do not want to use your wedding colors on your invitation, you will probably want to stick with the more traditional ivory or white paper, with black or, for a more formal wedding, metallic ink. You can use these colors on your invitation and be perfectly proper, whether your wedding colors are bold or pastel, traditional or contemporary.

If you want the look of a traditional wedding invitation, but would like to implement your wedding colors, consider using one of your colors as the lining color for the envelopes. This is a subtle and attractive way to customize the appearance of your invitations. Other places to add accent colors are on envelope seals, monograms and motifs. Careful use of color can add drama or whimsy to your invitations without adding much to the price.

Combining ideas

Some couples choose a neutral color for the invitation itself, and compliment it with ink in one of their wedding colors. You can also add a bow to many invitations. If your invitations have a bow, you can choose a color that coordinates with your ink color or matches it. No couple is beholden to extending their wedding color theme into their invitations, many do, but there are many other alternatives.

Making the right choice

There is also no "right" choice when designing your wedding invitation. There is no one color that will look acceptable. Many people choose colors from their wedding theme to help coordinate the look of their wedding, but that is not necessary. It is more important that you choose a look that you love. The wedding invitation is a lifelong keepsake of your special day.

If you choose to use colors other than those which are your wedding colors in your invitations, consider how you will choose reception place cards. These are often chosen to coordinate with your invitation. If the reception hall will be decorated in different colors than the invitation, consider how the place cards will look on the tables before committing to a particular color. Paying attention to these small details can help ensure that your wedding and reception commences without any missteps.

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