Portable Gps Mysteries: What's A Photo Tagger?

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Originally meant for military purposes, GPS technology is now making waves in every industry. Some of the coolest mobile phones and gadgets sport this awesome feature. GPS being the power behind navigation systems, a new feature has seen major success. This feature is GPS photo tagging. It basically allows you to tag your personal pictures with accurate geographic information.

The working of a GPS photo tagger includes a GPS, your personal pictures and some fundamental geographic information. Better known as geo-tagging, GPS photo tagger's function includes embedding a digital picture with the precise longitude and latitude data. Technically, these devices are an add-on for digital cameras and they edit the EXIF header of the photo taken. This GPS associated feature has resulted in a mass movement of photo tagging. This movement in turn has resulted in better content organization and categorization.

GPS photo tagging has become popular among the masses for various reasons. Some of them being:

1.People no longer need to rely on search engines to get information regarding a place. They get real-time images of a place complete with relevant information. Users just have to enter the matching keywords et voila! The exact image pops up!
2.GPS photo tagging allows people to get visual directions to a certain geographical location. Drivers can follow images en-route to reach a particular place. Pictures act like milestones to identify a location.
3.Many picture sharing sites like Flickr allow users to tag their pictures with information. This info can include anything like, who is in the picture, where and when the picture was taken etc.

The best part of GPS photo tagging is that it benefits every industry. The users can range from general car drivers to militaries. Online interactive world map can instantly show a picture and the information related to it. Anyone can access this picture through hundreds of photo-sharing websites and use it according to his needs.

For those of you selling GPS photo tagger software, it is important to target your market with precise information about your product. This is a fiercely competitive niche. Most photo taggers offer the following feature:

1.They allow you to arrange your personal picture library.
2.It has many professional applications as well. Besides general users, world militaries have also taken leverage of this excellent product. Mention how your product has benefitted military services by uploading accurately tagged pictures.
3.A particular trip can be tagged according to the photos taken at certain place. Later, pictures can be easily found according to the place name.
4.Real-estate agents can present clients with a real photo map of their properties.
5.Archeologists can use GPS photo tagger to access geographic information system.

Users should consider lot of factors while purchasing a GPS photo tagger. Many things can go wrong here. Here is a checklist:
•Is the device compatible with your camera?
•Does it support Bluetooth functionality?
•Does your camera have built in GPS photo tagger?
•If the device is add-on, is it too bulky?

More and more people are realizing the convenience of tagging their trip pictures. Most modern cameras support these devices and the integrated software is easy to use, so users can start tagging pictures in no time. So, are you ready to join the movement?!

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