Work At Home Mums: Making Time For You.

by Justine Simard - Date: 2010-10-04 - Word Count: 551 Share This!

I questioned if this subject would be worthy of a complete article, however it's an vital factor in the lives of work at home mums which is usually ignored. I've often included in previous material the value of getting a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance, with smart eating habits, exercice, time to unwind and to have fun. Although we are all conscious of the advantages of having such equilibrium, we often give priority to work and our children, only to realise that we have no time left to look after ourselves.

Allocating some time for activities which create energy, rest and pleasure is straightforward, theoretically. Most people likely make new resolutions regularly about new healthy behaviours. Sadly, these often fade out or don't take place at all. Thus I have identified the 3 things which, as a sequence, make a sturdy map for establishing and preserving the activities which can help work at home mums be healthy, focused, productive and relaxed.

Firstly, pick your activities. Which ones help you relax? Which ones make you feel focused and energised? What do you wish to do for fun? Who do you love spending time with? What do you wish to do to stay fit and healthy? Whether it is a bath, a night out, reading a book, sport, meditation, taking a long lunch, dancing, walking, sleeping or having a family picnic, work at home mums ought to select the most activities which they can integrate in their weekly routine. If you are hardly carrying out any activity of these sorts, it may be wise to begin with one and include more on as you effectively turn them into habits.

Secondly, commit! One of my favourite words (which also appears to turn up so much in my posts). Unless you have decided that you will commit to making time for the activities you need to refresh and recuperate, you are unlikely to integrate them long-term in your routine. A wonderful thing regarding commitment is that it can help you stick out your new routine long enough to really experience the benefits, in addition to helping you to form habits. Work at home mums who have created a habit of those replenishing activities also do them without feeling that they are taking time off doing more necessary things like carrying out work, looking after your kids or the house.

Thirdly, insert them in your schedule (and carry them out!). This is when commitment will become so crucial. Schedules are useful for work at home mums, particularly if they are followed! But if your other important commitments take over your scheduled 'me-time', you won't create those routines and harvest the rewards of looking after yourself. Worse even, it might impact negatively on your overall productivity, motivation and general feeling of happiness. And remember, it doesn't take much; 20 minutes per day can do absolute miracles to your spirit, body and mind.

This is such a straightforward system to follow, and yet without following all three steps work at home mums are inclined to forget their own needs, all for the perceived profit to their family and business or work. Ultimately, being focused, happy, relaxed, positive and energised can help you create higher results in all you do. twenty minutes per day: commit, create habits and revive!

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