The Essentials of Logo Designing

by Jennifer Salerno - Date: 2008-05-15 - Word Count: 531 Share This!

The advertising school of thought suggests, "If the customer has heard of you, you've done our job." This is what is known as "Branding". It is the messaging work a company does to encourage consumers to feel a certain way about their product. From touchy-feely character attributes to laundry lists of product features, it's a marketer's job to help you assimilate these ideas. The goal of all branding is to create an emotional tie between your clients and you. Branding isn't simply slapping a logo on a hat or coffee mug. It's the whole package of attaching a unique identity to a product or name in order to distinguish it from other variants. The biggest misconception in branding is the belief that branding is about market share, in fact it will always be about MIND AND EMOTIONAL share. A great book out there right now is, Emotional Branding by Marc Gobe, which goes into some very intriguing detail about what, obviously on the surface, seems like common sense.

No matter how big or small you are a focus on mind and emotional share will help you retain and attract clients. A logo is a very strong instrument for creating this. Your logo is: your culture, your personality, and YOU. A logo can not survive unless it is designed with simplicity and restraint, because a logo seldom gets more than a glance. In a world of clutter the simpler a logo, the easier it is to remember. Simplicity implies a meaningful idea that can be easily recalled. The simple logo reflects one or more aspects of sustainability. The key goals of sustainability are to live within our environmental limits, to achieve social justice and to foster economic and social progress. The logo design should be reproducible in full color (RGB and CMYK) and mono. The mono version should be designed to reverse. The logo must be reproducible in all sizes and formats from single-column newspaper size to banner display size.

Planning and design coordination are essential components in a corporate identification program, which interrelate to achieve the desired total impression. A professional and consistent image is essential for your corporate identity. A good logo design brief ensures that no time is wasted, and that you receive targeted logo options as soon as possible. The logo brief also helps us focus our attention on the areas that best serve your business, making you much happier with the final result. A good logo creates an atmosphere, and especially an alphabet of compassion. People relate to words, their meaning, and what they recognize around them. Words have strength and significance, which equals trust and belief.

The proper combination of characters and/or graphics should be used to create a single design to identify a company or organization which shall be often trademarked and included on all company printed materials and ads. A logo gives a complete professional image that a business wishes to project to make it recognizable and distinct. It is a successful business identity that is consistently carried through all aspects of a company's access to the public, customers, and potential customers: business card, letterhead and envelope, brochures, print advertisements, Web presence, media advertisements, signage, etc.

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