How Distribution Companies Can Benefit From Factoring Financing

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For product distributors, cash flow is always a big concern. Unless you have been in business for a long time, most suppliers will insist that you pay them soon after delivering the goods. Or worse, prior to delivery. However, most of your clients will insist in paying your invoices on net 30 or net 60 days. This creates a simple problem - you have to pay suppliers quickly, but clients pay slowly. Although your business may be profitable, unless you have adequate working capital, you will have cash flow problems.

When faced with a cash flow problem, most business owners try to get a business loan. Although business loans can work well in many situations, they can be inflexible especially if your business has growing capital needs. Also, qualifying for a business loan can be difficult since institutions usually require substantial collateral and track records showing profitable operations for many years. This makes them a tough option for new or small businesses.

But there are better solutions though. Let's examine the situation. The problem is the time delay between having to pay your supplier and getting paid by your client. What would happen if you could reduce the time delay? For example, let's say that your client paid you in two business days rather than two months. Would that solve your cash flow problem? For most, it would.

You can achieve just that by using factoring.

The value proposition of invoice factoring is simple. It reduces the time delay between delivering goods and getting paid. This puts your business in a better cash position and enables you to take on new opportunities.

Factoring involves selling your invoices to a factoring company. The factoring company buys your invoices in two installments. In the first installment, you get 80% of the invoice advanced to you. You get the remaining 20% (less a fee) as a second installment, once your client actually pays for the goods.

One of the advantages of factoring accounts receivable is that is a very flexible solution, where the maximum amount you can finance is mostly determined by the ability of your clients to pay your invoices. Said differently, your factoring financing line is tied to your sales and grows with your sales. Because of this, small companies that do business with large credit worthy clients can benefit from using factoring.

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