Four Effective Ways To Improve Your Memory

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How would having an excellent memory affect the quality of your life? Whatever your answer to the question above, I assure you there are still more answers that you probably don't remember.

Irrespective of whom you are, or what you do, we all need to learn and retain information. In fact, the ability to retain and retrieve information is essential to your personal and professional success.

These are five effective ways to boost your memory

1. Get relaxed

Imagine trying to read a book at a rock concert. It could be the most interesting book in the world, but you probably won't gain a lot from it. Too many distractions make concentration practically impossible.

If your mind gets filled with worries, fears, anxiety and other distractions, there would be little or no space left for retaining useful or productive information. It takes concentration to get information into your long-term memory, negative thoughts and emotions only serve as hindrances to your level of concentration.

The truth is that most of our worries never come to pass anyway, so don't let fears weigh you down, especially since there's nothing you can do about most of them.

Make up your mind today, not to dwell on negative thoughts when they come floating by. Listen to motivational or inspiring talks to give you a positive mindset; you could even get expert help if you think you need it.

Do whatever it takes to stop negative thoughts in their tracks, and you would be well on your way to getting the super memory you desire.

2. Eat Healthy

There are so many scientific studies out there that prove that the quality of food we eat affects our memory both now and later in old age.

In a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers tested people aged between 65 and 90 and discovered that the people with the best ability to memorize words were those whose diets included the most fruits and vegetables.

Another study that looked at the effect of diet on memory in thousands of people found that antioxidants in food appear to shield the brain from excessive memory loss and Alzheimer's disease. Foods that are rich in antioxidants include citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, vegetable oils and nuts.

3. Physical exercise

Physical exercise is not just good for your health, but is also good for your brain. Brain chemistry has shown that there are physical connections between the brain and muscles, and that physical exercise not only boosts memory but also helps you think faster and stay alert.

Simple exercise like walking has considerable effect on your memory, even right up to old age. Walking is especially good for your brain, because it increases blood circulation and the oxygen and glucose that reach your brain. This oxygenating action helps you think better and prevent memory loss. Studies of senior citizens who walk regularly showed significant improvement in memory skills compared to sedentary elderly people. Walking also improved their learning ability, concentration, and abstract reasoning

4. Engage Your Brain

Get more involved challenging activities that require you to think deeply and concentrate. Learn new things, and figure out new way of performing routine tasks. You could get involved in chess, yoga, puzzle games, memorization exercises, reading, writing or learning to play a musical instrument. Make sure that whatever activity you choose is important to you, and challenging enough to keep you interested.

Follow these steps, and you'd attain the mental standard you desire and deserve.

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