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by John Gray - Date: 2008-06-20 - Word Count: 292 Share This!

Both O2 and T-Mobile have today announced that they will be cutting data and texting costs within the EU.  O2 have taken the approach to cut costs immediately, while T-Mobile customers will have to wait a while.


O2 PAYG customers will get a cut in text messaging back to the UK while they are in the EU - this was previously 49 pence, but as of today will drop to just 25 pence (which is the same as the cost for contract customers).  Both PAYG and contract T-Mobile customers will see a similar drop in text messaging from 40 pence to 25 pence as of the 30th August.


Data usage while o2 mobile customers are abroad in the EU will also drop on both PAYG and contract.  The cost of using a MB of data on the o2 network will be just £3.00, which is a whopping drop of 87% for PAYG customers and a still very impressive drop of 57% drop for contract customers.


O2 have also added two new data bundles for high data users which reduce the rate even further to just £1.00 per MB.  Data Abroad 20 gives you 10MB of data £20.00, for even higher users there is the Data Abroad 50 which gives 50MB of data for £50.00.


And those T-Mobile customers who use data while in the EU will see a cut from the 1st July 2008.  The cost of internet access from a handset and mobile broadband connectivity via a USB dongle or data card will drop from £7.50 per MB to just £1.50, a massive reduction of 80%.


So if you travel a lot or just need to use data while you are sunning yourself then look forward to a drop in data costs with both o2 and T-Mobile.


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