Fossilized Coral Calcium

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Fossils are remnants, such as a skeleton or leaf imprint of an organism that is a relic of a past geologic age. It generally gets embedded and preserved in the earth's crust over the years. Corals are homes for small organisms known as polyps of class Anthozoa. These tiny organisms absorb calcium carbonate and limestone from the ocean to build protective structures around them. Reefs are rock like deposit consisting of calcareous skeletons of these polyps.

These coral reefs are important in balancing the ecosystem as it houses a plethora of organisms. Several species of such organisms help in cleaning the shores of the ocean where they exist. Harvesting such live coral reefs for calcium salts results in ruining homes of these delicate organisms. In such instances, there is a requirement for alternative source of coral calcium. This is usually obtained from supplements found in old seabeds that are buried in the desert or from fossilized coral found in the seabed.

The salts of calcium obtained from coral reefs are said to have special curative and therapeutic properties. This could be attributed to the additional nutrient supplements that get added on in these remains. There is no difference appreciable in the chemical composition of calcium salts obtained from corals as from any other source. Coral calcium is however found to contain calcium, magnesium and trace minerals that are necessary for several body functions.

Coral calcium is found to have the highest HDL density that is good for human body. It is seen that in addition to strengthening the bones and teeth, coral calcium also helps in purifying kidneys, intestines, and liver. It also aids in breaking down heavy metals found in the body. Coral calcium supplements are also known to help boost the immune system. It is also said to augment functioning of muscles of the body and maintain nerve functions.

Though the therapeutic and curative properties of coral calcium are debatable and no conclusion has been derived at, there is no doubt on the fact that coral calcium is seen to have the best absorption qualities compared to other calcium supplements.

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