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by Niall Roche - Date: 2007-01-04 - Word Count: 468 Share This!

Airsoft as a hobby tends to revolve around assault rifles and pistols and has done for years. The vast majority of airsoft fans want to own replica M16s, M4s, AK47s etc. But not every airsoft fan is created the same way - some of us aren't interested in high volume firepower. There's an additional skill and beauty to aiming for one shot, one kill - the way of the sniper. Hitting your opponent with 100 bbs out of the blue is one thing but striking your opponent when they leat expect it with one well placed shot from the perfect ambush position adds an entirely new element to the game itself.

Airsoft sniper rifles, especially models like the Super 9, are designed to look very, very realistic and are often modeled after their military or police counterparts. The Super 9 for example is modeled after a Belgian police rifle. The other neat thing about these guns is that you can place your airsoft bbs inside of a secondary shell so when you load your rifle you're loading an actual replica shell instead of a clip filled with plastic pellets. The only possible drawback with these sniper rifles is that they're somewhat on the heavy and bulky side of things but then again as a sniper you're meant to be working from a fixed position so this doesn't really come into play as much as you might think.

Most of these rifles are spring powered as opposed to being gas or electric powered. Firstly this provides one huge advantage to your role as a sniper - almost complete silence when firing. The less noise you make the more success you'll have as an airsoft sniper. You also have the added coolness of using a bolt-action airsoft rifle so you'll feel like a proper sniper as you lay there in wait for your next unwitting enemy.

If you want to be a truly accurate and lethal airsoft sniper then you'd do well to add at least a bipod and possibly even a laser scope to your shopping list. The more steady your weapon is the higher chance you have of an accurate long distance kill. Also take into consideration that these rifles can be quite heavy so consider purchasing a shoulder strap if you think you may have to move around quite a bit.

As always when using an airsoft weapon of any kind practice safety and caution. Airsoft bbs flying around at speeds of several hundred feet per second won't cause any permanent damange unless they hit somebody in the eye - in which case the person could easily be blinded. If you're going to play airsoft war games then do yourself a favour and wear proper eye protection - sunglasses aren't enough. Ideally wear a paintball style full face protective mask - you'll be glad that you did.

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