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"We are waiting, did not expect such a long delay." May 25, Tasly
Medicine Marketing Group executive vice president Mr Li told reporters.
Appearance was scheduled by the end of April the essential medicines list, to date yet to be introduced. Informed sources, the delay is mainly due to catalog need substantial adjustments in the number of varieties of essential drugs decreased, but after the draft in the directory to occupy half of the

Traditional Chinese medicine Species bear the brunt of a number of exclusive varieties of traditional Chinese medicine out of almost certain.

"This reduction of both policy-making departments to consider also the result of corporate self-choice." The official said.

Delay directory Merchants Securities has baked an industry report said the Ministry of Health cut 36 exclusive species, 4 in mid-essential medicines list has been submitted to the State Council Leading Group for the new medical reform. Recently, however, has been fighting back to the Ministry of Health and the State Council People's Insurance Department, because too much is still the exclusive varieties.

"We have heard this argument, the amended out of the directory when it is not clear, but based on the directory in June of

Tender Certainly be postponed. "Qin Pulse Medical Technologies CEO Bo told this reporter.
Essential drugs system is an important new component of medical reform, and pharmaceutical companies is most directly related to the reform effort. The essential medicines list is the establishment of national essential drugs system first job, so their release process has been cause for concern.

4 early in the Address by the news conference, Vice Minister of Health Ma Xiaowei in reply to "essential medicines list have a timetable," stated clearly that this rigorous selection process, after careful discussion by experts, solicit views from all sides by and large already have a first draft, by the end of April this year, certainly before the announcement.

25 days, the industry, said the reporter, catalog delay introduced, in part because the government's financial ability to pay is limited, in this context, need to pay to pay the national essential medicines list may need to cut, after the draft released Over 600 varieties, "I feel that some more."

Dong Sheng Yinghua Medicine Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Rantie Jun 25, told this reporter that the government work report that the next three years to be invested 850 billion yuan at all levels of government to conduct medical reform, which the central government invested 331.8 billion yuan. The remaining funds needed at all levels of local governments make up the gap.

"Poor economic conditions this year, under the premise of the limited capacity of government at all levels of pay, and how this part of funds allocated in the field of medicine and drugs are also cause for concern." He explained.

Appears in Bo, the Chinese species identification and selection criteria of the controversy, is an important reason for delay directory.

Previously circulated in draft list of essential medicines, including 615 categories, 312 kinds of chemical drugs (biological drugs), and 303 kinds of Chinese patent medicines (including 14 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine injection). Among them, chemical drugs with a high degree of overlap WHO List of essential medicines, Chinese patent medicine directory contains a number of exclusive production of varieties, all published for the generic drugs.

Bo pointed out that a number of exclusive varieties of traditional Chinese medicine, is all the smaller companies. "Essential drugs to ensure the supply of primary health care institutions, small businesses and small manufacturers whether they have the appropriate supply capacity must be considered."

He also pointed out that some varieties of traditional Chinese medicine injection safety issues in dispute, whether for access to essential medicines list is also worth considering.

Previously, essential drugs according to plan the implementation of the tender in June, but the reporter interviewed a number of industry sources, from today's progress, it is difficult to promote in accordance with the timetable before. After all, the essential medicines list was unveiled, and need a complete implementation of the program, such as pricing, bidding, distribution, reimbursement and other operational details.

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