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With university students comprising roughly a third of the population of the city of Ann Arbor, students' accommodation becomes an important issue to address. Ann Arbor furniture makers present many options for students; particularly if looking for good quality Amish made furniture.

And if you think that Amish made furniture is the heavy and old-fashioned type that is unsuitable for the needs of modern students, think again - because any number of contemporary designs as well as modern items are created with the student of the day in mind. Some options for students' furniture could be:

- 1. Amish wooden bookcases make an excellent choice for any student - not only to store heavy study tomes, but also the CDs, DVDs and accessories and other paraphernalia that students would typically surround themselves with. A proper bookcase can help to keep things organized and easily accessible.

- - 2. Amish wooden bookcases are available in many different styles and sizes - the single short variety, the larger, more elaborate versions with glass frontage doors etc. Perhaps the larger varieties or style such as the Arts & Crafts bookcases may not be the ideal choice for small students' accommodation, the smaller, simpler Batavia bookcases may be a better choice.

- - 3. Some other rustic items of Amish made furniture such as end tables, game tables or chests of drawers are also practical and attractive choices from Ann Arbor furniture makers.

- - 4. A rustic looking blanket chest is a great option for students - it is roomy and practical enough to store linen, clothing and other odds and ends, and is also sturdy enough to withstand rough use - it can even double as seating space!

- - 5. Simple hickory shelves can offer space to stack not only books but even shoes and other student paraphernalia such as project stuff etc.

- - 6. Another rustic item such as a rocking chair could also fit ideally into a student setting.

- - 7. Simple desks and chairs could be versatile options for students - a place to work and study and also to share a meal with a friend.

- - 8. A wooden student desk is just the thing to keep paper work and stationery properly organized and sorted.

- - 9. The Amish keep pace with the times by making contemporary items such as computer desks - compact and practical, these are a must for any student today. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you may need.

- - 10. As for the bedroom requirements, a student may be quite happy to make do with a mattress and box set, which can be placed on a simple single bed as a great space saver.

- - 11. The other option could be an economy bedroom set that includes all the basics so that you don't need to buy each item separately

- - 12. A futon is an excellent choice for furnishing students accommodation. This does the job of a sofa or couch during the day for when students will want to study or just hang around - and then folds down into a comfortable bed at night.

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