Playing Soccer At The Beach

by John Salmon - Date: 2008-07-10 - Word Count: 510 Share This!

One of my friends asked me recently why all men are crazy about playing football or what is known as the USA soccer. I am sick of explaining things that you can not understand based on personal experience. But although I was able to provide an answer light, she returned to specify yet another question. Is it different from playing soccer on the grass than playing on the beach? It was a good one. Of course, it is different, 'I replied. Beach soccer, as you can see by its name, is a sport played on the beaches, preferably in spring or summer time. Although it has been played unofficially for decades, it has given its official name and rules only recently and particularly in 1992. Since then he has managed to become a popular sport and I think if you really want to learn something about soccer, you should better start playing on the beach.

Playing soccer on the beach is considered by many fans as the paradise of the apprentice. The soft sand playing surface can correct some errors usual for a beginner, as often the ball on batteries. In fact, the element of sand is only facilitate the efforts of new players, but it is considered as a serious obstacle, even for those who wish to demonstrate their capabilities. More compact the height measuring 28 x 37 meters if there is a public beach soccer-installation is far less than the grass field and made scores easier, even for players who decided to try for the first time.

A great advantage of beach soccer is the fact that we did not need special equipment to play. A ball of adequate size and sand on the beach are more than enough for one to begin exploring this game 's unique character. Even in the absence of a mechanism organized on the beach are those who are interested in playing beach soccer just two canes to symbolize the area of a goalpost. Cannes or just a pile of clothes are preferred over the heavy stones or even huge blocks of rocks, which can be very dangerous for the feet of injuries, like shoes are not allowed in this game So if you're on a sandy beach, it is a sunny day and you have nine friends willing to join you, you can start playing beach soccer. When you experience, let me know if you liked. More importantly, your girlfriend!

When I finished my presentation on beach soccer my friend seems very happy. I will play all weekend, she said. But before you ask yourself how long should you invest in the sport, before it can consider you a good soccer players, try to play for some time. Since you can not play beach soccer throughout the year, unless you move to California or Florida whenever you have a beach soccer need, you have to exercise your ability to play soccer on the lawn of the field. Believe me when I tell you that this is not so easy down there too!

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