Health, Tips For Women To Look Better Through Face Makeup

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It is a prerogative of every woman to look beautiful. Women use cosmetics to enhance their beauty and personality. A group or a combination of cosmetics is commonly known as `makeup`. Your makeup represents your personality hence there is a need to know the art of it. On the application of cosmetics you tend to feel polished and confident as it enhances your best features and pushes up your feminine quotient.

You have to be so perfect with your makeup technique that it reflects your creativity and imagination. If you learn to apply face makeup properly then you will not drown yourself in makeup and end up looking like a clown. It is an accomplished fact that cosmetics are the girl`s best friend and if applied skilfully then it can transform your face from dull and dreary to one of alive, striking and bright.

All of us have different face structure and makeup should be applied in such a way that it compliments the exact shape of your face. An oval face is considered to be a perfectly balanced face. It needs shortening at the forehead and chin with a dark foundation to make it more appealing and impressive. With an intelligent use of dark and light tones every facial type can appear to be oval.

You need to create an illusion of length with a square face and a rectangular face. Using a dark foundation these shapes are redefined at the four corners to soften the look of fullness. A round face can be made to appear longer by the use of a darker foundation at your temples as well as around the lower face. Same is applicable with the imperfections related to the chin and nose. By manipulating the shades you can balance and correct the rest of the features of your face.

Cosmetic is like a paint and the face is like a canvas .Hence you need to clear and prepare your face for makeup by cleansing, toning and moisturising. If you feel the need to exfoliate you may do it in the evening so that your skin gets back to some of its natural balance overnight.

First and foremost you need to select your foundation once your skin is prepared. There is a wide range of foundations available in the market for the First and foremost you need to select your foundation once your skin is prepared. There is a wide range of foundations available in the market for the lightest to the darkest of the skin. You select the one that match to your skin tone and then apply uniformly. If it does not look like a coat of paint then you have made a right choice. Remember to blend it properly or it will appear like a mask on your face.

Cosmetics are used to hide the flaws of the skin that become a cause of our worry. It is advisable to use minimum amount of makeup in the daytime whereas during the night you can add a little bit extra.

Your eyes are the most expressive features of your face and they can be highlighted with the use of an eye shadow, eyeliner and a mascara to make it look all the more beautiful. A concealer is used to hide the dark circles under the eyes. Application of a lighter shade of blush to the cheeks and then blending a bit of darker colour in the lower portion the cheek bone highlights your cheeks and makes it look even more attractive. You need to outline your lip with a lip pencil close to the colour of your lipstick then apply your lip colour. Press your lips together for a uniform coverage.

Makeup is more to do with looking beautiful than looking young. The essence of makeup lies in the feel good factor, if you feel good, you feel young and healthy. Good skin care along with healthy diet and little bit of exercise is basic to beauty and has a positive effect on most women.

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