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Advertising has perpetually been something I was interested in and since I am a Christian the trouble of church advertising has crossed my mind a few times. It appears to me that there are two schools of thought when it comes to the subject of ought Christian churches advertise. Numerous in the Christian church believe advertising to be a frightful matter that they could never do to souls.

Christian churches who believe this do so cause they trust God is the one who must bring souls in and we have no piece in it. These individuals believe advertising their Christian church would signal a weak faith in the spirit of God the Father. In this school of thought mortals trust God the Father will do the work of growing a church.

While I agree that God the Father is the ultimate one who builds the church I have to differ with the ideas this group of individuals have. This form of thinking calls for no action from the members of the church. The bible does not agree with this kind of thinking. The Word of God records a control to the Christian church that they must go out and preach.

I personally trust differently than that way though. In my opinion we are supposed to be working to gather in the lost. God the Father wants to use us as His tools to get the job done. The Lord lets us get involved through our advertising efforts.

So lets deal with the purpose Christian churches ought advertise now. Advertising is nothing more than getting your message out. That means every church that wishes to get the message of Christ out will have to advertise in some way. I can not think of a more transparent purpose to have Christian churches advertising than to spread the message.

Imagine a world with no advertising. At first it may sound like a fantastic idea. No one bothers you with sales calls or anything. Then imagine how few individuals would be in the store. Most just did not know the store was there because no one assured them. Now your business is gone. See how advertising affects us all in a good way?

No church increase will come unless your church advertises. It may not have been what you consider advertising but it was yet advertising none the less. Think of Peter standing up on that day of Pentecost and preaching. His preaching was a way to advertise the message of Christ to the people!

Even Billy Graham who is one of the greatest known preachers now uses church advertising. Do you trust he precisely shows up in town and mortals strangely know he is holding a crusade? Of course not. He has advertising sent out long before he comes.

People have been led to the Lord in this way. Jesus Himself did a lot of Christian church advertising trust it or not. I recognize you want to shout at me right now about how the scripture stated He made no reputation of Himself. It would be good if you can comprehend that although.

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