Cold Calling Techniques - How to Increase Sales

by Micah Soelberg - Date: 2007-02-13 - Word Count: 394 Share This!

Cold Calling Techniques are often sought after by people who are frustrated and want to improve their cold calling. Cold calling techniques could range from words to say to voice tone to any other million of small subtle changes.

But the truth is this, your cold calling probably isn't going too well because cold calling is very ineffective in today's high tech world. Cold calling techniques are ineffective because they are out of date and people simply are too smart for them anymore.

I still get cold calls from people trying the oldest techniques and I just laugh that anybody thinks they work anymore.

And people in this type of selling don't realize that a customer who comes to you is far more valuable and much easier to sell to. So you should be spending your time learning how to get customers to come to you and not learning more cold calling techniques.

Don't think it can't be done for your product or service? Well then you're right, keep learning those cold call techniques. But let me tell you if you have an attitude that it can be done, then you are also right. I know people who don't ever cold call and know nothing about cold calling techniques that sell things like insurance, financial services, phone services, internet, paper, time shares, lawn services, and a million other things.

What do these people have that you don't? Marketing. Not more cold calling techniques.

You need a marketing system to bring you hot qualified leads that can be easily closed. No more finding leads by contacting random people using cold calling techniques. You only want to spend your time talking to people who want to talk to you.

Think about it, you are not paid to prospect. You are only paid when you make a sale. So you should be spending the majority of your time selling! It's so simple yet so overlooked.

An effective marketing system is easier than you think and once set up takes only a little bit of time a week to maintain. You can work less and spend more time selling. That means more time and more income. Not a bad thing eh? But you could also keep looking for more cold calling techniques and continue wasting your time cold calling…but I'll leave that to you while I go sell quota in half the time it takes you.

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