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English Teaching is thought to be an ideal career option by many people. There are a number of professional English teaching training courses like EFL, TEFL. There are many countries where the demand of trained English teachers is quite high. The certifications like CELTA, TESOL and TEFL can boost one's job prospects in those areas.
As a matter of fact, Teaching English Overseas is a lucrative career option these days. The TEFL certification is the gateway to a new life. This certification is offered in various parts of Australia like Sidney, Adelaide, and Brisbane. However, the TESOL certification gives an edge in teaching English. For the budget conscious, It is also offered in teacher training worldwide with TEFL training centres in Thailand, India, Poland and North America.
One can also get these TEFL certifications online. There are a number of websites that offer people with the required resources for teaching English in those countries where it is a second language. These online courses can be generally covered in half a year. However this is subject to the skill of a student. The certification is gradually becoming a de facto standard for qualifying in the ESL Jobs.
It would be wrong to assume that these courses are hard to cover. A person needs to have a strong command over the grammar. The payments in these jobs are quite decent and moreover a teacher gets facilities like paid international travel. The global language schools in various nations have their rules for selecting foreign trained English teachers to impart English teaching in their countries.
The TEFL Teachers from Australia, UK and North America usually enjoy higher recognition and reputation. The certificates awarded by UK based English institutions carry more weightage. One can expect to bag a plum English teaching job if he successfully completes a TEFL course having 120 hours duration. Even though there are institutes that offer short term and online courses it would be better to opt for a full fledged course as it can make the job prospects widen up. It would be a nice idea to take the feedback of those people who have finished a course and got an overseas teaching job thereafter.
The pay packages of TEFL tutors and teachers vary from one country to another. The experienced teachers draw more salary. However, on an average the compensation packages for TEFL jobs are satisfactory. Other factors like the economy of the country, density of population etc also matter.
However a person needs to keep in mind that since there is no regulatory body for this certification the chances of fraud can not be ruled out. Therefore a person should check the credentials of an institution, both online and offline, before enrolling for its English teaching training courses. While applying for jobs in a country a person should go through the terms and contracts carefully. For getting comprehensive knowledge on various types of English teaching courses one can rely on the site

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