Self Help Credit Restoration-Do The Work Yourself!

by SteveK - Date: 2007-03-12 - Word Count: 152 Share This!

Is our service for you?

If you have credit problems, collection issues or stubborn past creditors and want to do the work yourself then yes!

Our Self Help Credit Restoration-Debt Negotiation Membership is for you if you want to fix your credit yourself, not pay an agency and... you are tired of being abused by the credit industry and want to educate yourself about the laws and utilize our expertise to fight back against inaccurate credit reporting and abusive debt collectors.

It can seem like an uphill battle correcting your credit. Collectors can be abusive, credit bureaus don't listen and the whole process is very annoying. That is why we created the self help service. You won't believe what you will receive for a one time small fee! No monthly payments, keep your private credit information private and do the work yourself for practically nothing!

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