Bridging Loan: Filling Cash Gaps in Property Deals

by Eva Baldwyn - Date: 2007-06-18 - Word Count: 343 Share This!

Bridging loan, as the name sounds works to bridge a money gap. It bridges the money gap coming between the buy and sale of a property. You may have been eyeing for a property at suitable rates and now when you have found the ideal one, you find that the money in your pocket is not enough for the buy. So, will you let it off or take the help of something like this? Obviously, most people choose to have the bridging loan rather than leaving the things to go.

Bridging loan is a short term loan for short term purpose. Obviously, the purpose of buying and selling a property is a temporary action or some may say a temporary problem. Bridging loan fills in the gaps of these buys. And here is the secured loan where your property to be bought or sold plays as the collateral for the loan. The bridging loan is advanced for a term ranging up to 12 months at the most. However, one can take the bridging loan any time to buy a new property and he has to pay it back once his current property is sold. Moreover, bridging loan is termed as an interest only loan where, throughout the repayment tenure, you are to pay only the interest rates. The principal amount is allowed to be paid back any time once the borrower sells out his current property.

However, there are two types of bridging loan, closed ended bridging loan and open ended bridging loan. Closed ended bridging loan denotes a deal where all the settlement is done about your current property sale and open ended bridging loan means that you are yet to find a viable buyer of your property.

And, now, let's know the best benefit of bridging loan, the online facility. These are the days when everything goes online simply to be simple in processing, so is the bridging loan too. Its processing is simple online and that's why bridging loan is fast as well as cheap at the online turf.

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