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As many have already found out the television broadcasting stations need to send their signal in 100% digital at midnight on February 19th, 2009.  This means that anyone that has an analog signal right now from an antenna will need to get a digital converter for the television.  The good news is that you can qualify for a digital converter rebate.  These are available for households that have an analog tv and you can get up to two of them, one for each tv you have.

The digital converter rebate is easy to get as the government has approved billions of dollars set aside for this conversion.  It is only applicable to residents of the U.S.  You can either apply online for the rebate or even mail in your application.  In return they will mail you a coupon for $40 or two of them, how many you request, and it can be used at a store or even for an online purchase.

The digital converter rebate is used like a credit card as they will swipe the card a store and take off $40 from your purchase.  So for instance if you get a digital converter for your tv that cost $50, the $40 will be applied to your purchase and you will owe $10 plus tax.  There are digital tv converters available for $40 or under so there is a chance that you won't have to pay anything for your converter.

You can actually make the conversion at anytime and don't have to wait unitl the February deadline as your signal will work at anytime you make the change before that date.

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