Make Your Cable TV Four Times Easier to Use

by Ted Brumby - Date: 2008-10-27 - Word Count: 415 Share This!

Imagine never having an argument over who controls the remote at home ever again? By using a personal digital recorder, life is made even easier in Australia by a software roll-out to progressively upgrade all iQ2 personal digital recorders (PDRs) to automatically activate Four Tuner functionality.

The Four Tuners allow iQ2 subscribers to record two programs while watching a third program live, at the same time. Only the iQ2 has the Four Tuner functionality making it the most advanced PDR currently available in Australia.

Recent research on PDRs, such as iQ and iQ2 units, shows these devices contribute to a more harmonious household for both families and couples, with a solid 75 percent of Australian homes with a PDR finding the technology indispensable. Of those homes using a PDR in Australia, 76 percent of families experience fewer arguments over what to watch, and 78 percent of couples say it has dramatically enhanced their relationship as each person can enjoy their own programs.

The latest High Definition iQ2 PDR is stylish with a liquid-black finish - it records programs onto its internal hard disk drive that can be easily played back using electronic program guides. You'll never miss a moment because PDR's fits cable TV into your schedule and not the other way around.

The Four Tuner functionality will be enabled automatically to every iQ2, meaning iQ2 subscribers will not be required to do anything to receive the new feature. As the automatic download will happen progressively all current and new iQ2 subscribers should be able to access the Four Tuner functionality by December 2008.

Features of the new style PDR's also include:

1. The ability to pause and rewind live television, record two programs at the same time while watching a third live channel or watch a pre-recorded program as well as access to Series Link programs so they can record an entire season with a single button press.

2. Using an online guide through the internet or a 3G mobile phone to set up the remote record functionality to record user's favourite programs when away from home.

3. Future-proofing by providing software updates to the PDR enabling subscribers to access the latest functionality and new technology over time.

4. A massive disk drive allowing subscribers to record approximately 30 hours of High Definition (HD) programming or 90 hours of standard definition programming (SD).

5. The capability to display High Definition images in either 720p or 1080i resolution, delivered to the PDR using advanced MPEG4 compression.

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Personal Digital Recorders combined with HD TV offer many benefits that will improve the way you watch your Cable TV.

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