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Toys have been a part of almost every child's life. It may come in different sizes, shapes and materials but all are design to give a particular child the satisfaction and imagination they need in order to succeed in life. When it comes to the two most common and loved domesticated pet, toys are like the next best thing since their master is not always around to play with them.

For Dogs
If you are a dog owner you probably experienced losing a pair of good shoes from you're your dog's chewing activity, which often makes you disappointed with your dog. But when you think of it, it's not solely your dog's fault; after all they don't have a high thinking capability like their masters. Dogs always seek attention and because their master cannot always be there for them, they end up playing with anything that has a scent of their master to satisfy their desire for attention. This includes shoes, socks and slippers which they can easily get and play with when unattended. Furthermore, when it comes to puppies, chewing on something hard is a natural act to help them remove their puppy teeth and give way for their permanent adult teeth. This usually happens between the age of 12 weeks and 6 months.

Now whether you want to teach your dog not to chew on your belongings or you just love your dog, why not give him dog toys that will definitely make him satisfied especially at times where you can't play with them. Choosing the best dog toy for your dog may vary on size of your dog. Remember not to give your dog a dog toy that is too small where he doesn't need to chew it before ingesting, because a piece of that toy might end up choking him.

For Cats
House cats, especially young kittens are known to love playing with anything that moves such as curtains and strings; much like in some cartoons and photographs where the cat cannot resist playing with the ball of yarn. Even though cats love to play with strings and yarns, it is recommended to only give them certified cat toy to avoid health complications. Furthermore, cats sleep for as much as 16 hours per day, which is why a cat toy is essential for its physical and mental exercise. Aside from exercise cat toys also relieve boredom and release anxiety which is commonly experienced by indoor cats. If you have several cats, a cat toys are also a perfect bonding equipment to prove that cats are not solitary animals.

In choosing the best cat toy your cat deserves, of course you need to consider the size of your cat. Don't forget that cats has sharp teeth and claws that can torn their toy easy, so it's better not to buy cat toys that has strings, buttons and ribbons and other small parts. You also need to observe your cat's behavior to determine what things attracts him the most so that the cat toy which you bought will be enjoyed by your cat.

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