How to Get Corporate Flight Jobs

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The commercial airlines are not the only employers you can look to when you want to find out what corporate flight jobs are available. Many corporations have their own fleet of jets and hire corporate flight attendants to see to the needs of the passengers. One thing you will realize is that the salary you receive working for a private firm or a smaller airline is often higher than that offered by a commercial airline. In order to get such a job, though, you do need to have experience working as a flight attendant, which is usually two to three years. You will also have to relocate to the area of the corporations head office. Right now the two main areas in which most of these jobs are located are Los Angeles and New York.

There are several types of employers in the field of corporate flights. Fractional Operators services several corporations. When you work with one of these employers the starting salary is usually on the low end of the scale, but the good news is that they usually don't require you to have a lot of experience. They will provide the training you need to work for them. You will adapt to their regulations and many of these operators do not require you to relocate, often allowing you to meet the plane in a specific airport.

Charter Flights pay a slightly higher salary for corporate flight attendants. These companies rent their planes and personnel to individuals rather than have them on standby for specific corporations to use. Working for this type of airline business, you have the opportunity to log more hours because you will have more flying time with a wide variety of passengers. Your salary will depend on your experience and the location of the employer because this affects the type of charter flights it offers.

Owner operators own their own planes and only fly their employees or executives of the company from place to place. The salary and the duties involved in these corporate flight attendant jobs can vary widely. You may have to do everything onboard or you may be in charge of other flight attendants, supervising their activities.

You can be a full time employee of one of these flying services and available to fly when needed or you can work on contract through an agency. Working through an agency lets you work on contracts for flights and be paid per day. The salary for this is usually quite high and gives you the opportunity to work on all types of corporate and charter flights.

When you have the training you need to work as a corporate flight attendant, you will find many jobs in this line of work by searching online. Search through the ads and apply for the jobs that appeal to you. Cold calling airlines and corporations is also an effective way of obtaining a job because it lets you know if the company is hiring. You can also gain much information and meet prospective employers by attending airport events as well as meetings and conferences.

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