Axiomve by Optimation Nesting Technology Bests Previous Nesting Methods

by Thomas Cutler - Date: 2008-07-09 - Word Count: 420 Share This!

Optimation is the only company that has developed a nesting technology that considers the alternatives and guarantees the highest efficiency while insuring that production schedule and priorities are optimized. Standard Heuristics crash badly when presented with real world problems. New Multi-Dimensional-Combinatorial-Nesting technology (MDCN) transcends previous nesting methods.

According to Michael D. Lundy, P.E., President & CEO of Optimation, "AxiomVE uses a new technology called Vision Emulation that allows the system to "see" the shape of the parts as a human sees.  When a person looks at a part, they see the whole shape and any special features on the part. They use this information to determine if the part will fit in an area of the nest."

Lundy noted, "It is critical for fabricators to have the tools to "see" the shape of the part and "see" the shape of the available material and select the best part at the optimal angle. Previously, nesting systems had to rotate parts in small increments and try to fit the part after each rotation. This is time consuming and leads to wrong results. Some of our competitors brag about rotating parts at one degree increments. That type of trial and error nesting is now obsolete."

AxiomVE looks at the part and determines without trial and error the optimal rotation. A part may need to be rotated 124.372 degrees to fit optimally. AxiomVE determines that optimal rotation without undo trial and error.


For thirty years Optimation(r) has been the world leader in Part Nesting for Optimized Material and Labor utilization. Consistently providing product advancement leadership to industry, the company's new Nesting Technology, AxiomVE make previous nesting methods obsolete.   The new technology, Vision Emulation™, allows the system to "see" the shape of parts, just as human eyes would view them.  When a person looks at a part, they see the whole shape and any special features on the part.  This information is then used to determine if the part will fit in an area of the nest.  Vision Emulation eliminates excessive trial and error as well as excessive rotation.

Optimation offers benchmarking against any other method of part nesting; recent benchmarks have show improvements up to 15% in material efficiency alone.  As lean efficiencies are essential, the most advanced nesting technology guarantees the most important parts are always nested in the next available machine, providing advanced information to integrated costing, labor reporting, and material inventory systems. Because Optimation is strong financially and has the most advanced technology; the company offers direct financing from its own capital resources.



Michael D Lundy P.E.


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