Horezu - The Famous Capital of Ceramic Decoration

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Horezu - The Famous Capital of Ceramic Decoration

Welcome to Horezu's Land! Art Style Decoration in unique shapes & perfect colors

The city of Horezu it is the one important sightseeing area from Romania. It was mention for the first time in one document from 1487, as a village. In 1780, The prince Constantin Brancoveanu had donated the Horezu land to the Horezu Monastery, the most important complex of Brancovenesque religious architecture.

Horezu Monastery was built by Constantin Brancoveanu between 1690 and 1697. The big church is decorated on the outside with stone sculptures with floral motifs, and the internal paintings are valuable art. Legend says that, for fear of the Turks invasion, the craftsmen built only during the night when the owls were hooting (hence the name of the monastery, owl = huhurez). Today, the Horezu Monastery - medieval art monument - is under protection of UNESCO, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

In Horezu was certified The Famous Painting School which polarized all the artistic talents and created a new artistic current in art: Brancovenesque Style.

The famous culture of Horezu is well kept and saved by the Library of Constantin Brancoveanu with contains a collection about 4000 books of great value. Horezu is very well known Cultural & Art Center and also with an ancient traditional ceramic history. The pottery becomes the veritable brand of this area which attracts many visitors in each year. The beauty of this landscape is also well known by the tourists. Unique decorations pieces are from the unique combination between the clay and white earth. The basic materials are from Horezu's Land, the famous region from East Europe, which is already well known for its finest handmade decoration and for its amazing artistic talent of craftsmen. The special combination of clay, in mixture with white and yellow earth, is brought from a hill, nearby Horezu. It's a special place with an amazing culture of decoration. People from this part of the world have inherited the secret for years. A very ancient receipt says that the mixture had to be deposited and left to yeast. For a very good manufacturing process, the big balls of the special mixture are brought in small pieces. The next steps are successively wetting and drying. In the end of this process, the small pieces of clay are kneaded to obtain an uniform consistency. The instrument of manufacturing is also an ancient piece from this remarkable treasury. The wheel of the potter-moved by the feet-is rolling for giving the unique shape of the pot. Decoration comes to define the marvelous pieces of art also the painting, by hand, with natural colors, using specific instruments and techniques. The most appreciated motifs, used over 2000 years ago, are the cock, the tree life, the sun and the stars, the wheat ears, the fish, and the snake bring the richness and the safeness in everybody's home. In the end, the pots are backed in special furnaces.

The National Art Fair "COCOSUL DE HUREZ" ("The cock of Horezu") is another attraction for tourists. This Art Fair began in 1971 and had celebrated since then, the pottery talents of Horezu. They are the famous for their artistic talent and their produces are considering masterpieces: veritable and original.

Part of the Horezu's beauty, can be founded at Hana RISS, the new trend of handmade ceramics. Hana RISS has focused on handmade culture decoration form Horezu and it is addressed to everybody who appreciates it. You may visit on http://www.hanariss.com

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