Baby High Chairs

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Mealtimes are one of the few instances when the entire family is together in one room sharing stories and news. Therefore, to make your new baby part of this social experience it is important to purchase a baby high chair. A baby is ready for a high chair when they can support their own weight and sit upright. There are many brands and styles of baby high chairs on the market today - Graco, Peg Perego and Cosco all offer a wonderful assortment of high chairs. However, the brand of high chair should not determine its quality. When you're searching for the right chair look for ones that are safe, durable, functional and easy to clean. Once these requirements are met then you can choose the style of high chair that is right for you.

There are five main types of baby high chairs available:

Adjustable Chairs- These high chairs are extremely convenient for parents because they can adjust as your child grows. The height, seat and tray are all parts of the chair that move around making it a very economical purchase. Most adjustable chairs have wheels with casters so the parent can move the high chair around effortlessly without compromising safety. Some other features this chair has are cushioned seats and a folding capability.

Examples of adjustable high chairs include: lightweight folding high chairs and adaptable multi-level folding high chairs.

Wooden Chairs- If you desire a high chair with a more sophisticated look that conforms with your decor, a wooden chair might be for you. This type of chair is extremely sturdy and can last a lifetime. Most styles come with a wooden or plastic tray, however, the wooden tray stains easily and is hard to clean. Wooden high chairs can also be a burden because they are not padded or cushioned and some are even missing a safety strap. These chairs are also difficult to disinfect and can look run down with use. Ultimately, a wooden chair will last a long time, but you must put more effort into taking care of it. Wooden chairs are not recommended for extremely busy parents.

Conventional Chairs- The conventional model of high chair has very simple and basic features. These chairs have a plastic tray, safety restraints, and either a plastic or metal frame. Because these baby high chairs are minimally outfitted it makes them very lightweight and portable. This design is great for parents who want a safe and economical product.

Booster Chairs- Eventually your baby will grow out of his high chair, but will still not be tall enough to sit on a regular chair at the table. This is when your child requires a booster seat. The booster seat does exactly what it sounds like it does; it gives the child a boost. Therefore, he can avoid discomfort and sit at the table with the adults. The actual booster chair is most commonly made of plastic and has straps that attach to the kitchen chair to keep it in place. Some booster seats are even adjustable or portable.

Convertible Chairs- Many manufacturers are trying to make baby products that have dual functions; the convertible high chair is one of these hybrids.

These high chairs basically have the ability to change into a table and low chair when the child outgrows the regular high chair. Most of these chairs are made of high quality wood and come with the necessary safety straps.

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